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date: thu, 8 nov 2007 08:57:32 +1100
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] sydney shows

hi folks,

just wanted to drop a quick note to let you all know how the end of the
australian tour - two shows in sydney - went.

the first show was actually a fairly typical ig show - setlist not too  
from what we had in canberra (they did do "starkville" though, which made me
very happy).  it was completely sold out and the crowd was very enthusiastic,
which was nice.  but not too much talking.  the main comment that i  
remember was
amy saying that she "needed a haircut so bad, it's killing me!"

last night's show was a different story.  it was only half sold, but i  
had front
row tickets so i didn't care.  emily mentioned that she had gone to  
bondi beach
to see sculptures by the sea (annual free outdoor sculpture show).  
and... they
had a special guest... brandi carlile, here a few days early, as i don't think
her first australian show is until next week.  whoohoo!  so the set list was
quite different from the night before.  we got "last tears", "world falls",
"don't think twice it's alright" (i almost died and went to heaven  
right there)
and "kid fears" (ditto), among others.

what a fantastic show.  oh, and i should mention that a girl from the vortex,
janet (nosey?) got onstage to play the whistle part during ctf.  very cool.

so the tour's over and it's back to normal life over here.  amy mentioned that
they were hoping to come back, probably in a couple of years.  fingers crossed
that they can make it happen...

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sherlyn koo | | sydney, australia

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