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date: tue, 30 oct 2007 18:36:29 +1100
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] canberra setlist

hi folks,

last night's show in canberra was great.  unfortunately the place was barely
even half full, but everybody who was there seemed to be having a great time.  
and despite the low numbers, we certainly didn't let the girls down in the
singalong stakes!

here is the set list, as played (85% sure this is correct, although my scribbles
are nearly illegible in places) :
1. hammer and a nail
2. three hits
3. pendulum swinger
4. yield
5. power of two
6. three county highway
7. fill it up again
8. dairy queen
9. get out the map
10. devotion
11. the wood song
12. money made you mean
13. everything in its own time
14. reunion
15. lay my head down
16. driver education
17. let it be me
18. chickenman/bitterroot
19. closer to fine

20. she's saving me
21. gone again
22. galileo

random notes:
- - bridget pross opened.  i quite liked her, but i was a bit tired at that point
so i wasn't paying that much attention.  i believe she's opening for at least
the first sydney show as well though, so i'll get another chance to hear her
- - "chickenman' was a request.  i didn't snag an official setlist so i'm not sure
what was supposed to be played at that point.  i didn't notice, but emily said
after the song that she had left out an entire section.  she tried to blame it
on jet lag but then realised they'd probably been in the country too long for
that by now.  so she said it must have been because she was so excited to play
the guitar solo instead.  haha.
- - no "least complicated".  huh?
- - before "devotion" amy said she didn't know if the next song had even been
released over here.  "we're with emi in australia, but we haven't seen them yet.
so if you run into them, tell them we're here!  but say it in a nice way, i
don't know if they can take a joke or not."  then she laughed.  apparently they
wrote "emi" on their guest list, but no one showed up...

that's about it.  it was a great show, it's just a shame that the numbers were
so low.  hopefully that means they won't cross canberra off the list for next

- --
sherlyn koo | | sydney, australia

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