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date: thu, 18 oct 2007 18:51:29 -0600
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from: carolyn <>
subject: [ig-news] show of the week: 1985-xx-xx: purple parrot - atlanta, georgia
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hello there,

i hope this finds everyone doing well : )

this time around is another in the string of early, essential recordings,
will have one more next week before shifting gears to material from another
time/tour.  this weeks offering is an pretty good sounding copy of the 1985
release, "the purple parrot". this another early independent cassette
released under the name indigo girls. all tracks were recorded live in 1985
at the purple parrot in atlanta, georgia. if you ever find yourself in line
for a show in phoenix be sure to chat up your neighbor, as in doing so one
night i met the woman who used to own the purple parrot back when amy and
emily played there on a regular basis.  she was incredibly nice and still
very much a fan after all these years.  the recording has a lot of fun
cover tunes mixed in with some of the classic early songs that never seem
to have made it onto any of the official major label releases.  it is not
known how many copies of the cassette were issued.

(acoustic duo show)


01. no way to treat a friend (3:58)
02. if you live like that (6:02)
03. the weakness in me (5:10)
04. love of the common people (4:15)
05. house at pooh corner (3:05)
06. danny's song (3:43)
07. holy city (4:29)
08. never stop (3:05)
09. hammond song (5:16)
10. drift away (5:43)
11. love the one you're with (2:50)
12. draw the line (3:13)
13. girls talk (3:40)
14. the water is wide (4:41)
15. the untitled song (4:46)
16. everybody's waiting (for someone to come home) (6:54)
17. crazy game (3:34)
18. up on the roof (4:39)
19. country road (3:09)
20. it's too late (3:30)
21. summertime (with sara richman (sp?)) (4:34)

here is the direct download link for the recording:



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