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hi folks,

short article from the dallas morning news.  online at:


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long tour winding down for indigo girls

pop music: duo looks ahead to a new album and just kicking back

11:34 am cdt on friday, september 14, 2007

by jenny block / special contributor

amy ray and emily saliers are now at the tail end of a somewhat long  
tour, one that basically began when their last album, despite our  
difference, was released last fall.
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amy ray and emily saliers head to austin after tonight's majestic  
theatre show.

"it's kind of been the endless tour," ms. saliers of the duo indigo  
girls says. "the record came out last september, and we've been  
touring almost nonstop since then."

for some of the summer shows, 3/5 human and brandi carlisle have  
joined them, and ms. saliers is grateful. "it keeps us energized," she  
says. "more so than if it were just me and amy."

unlike the longish tour promoting it, despite our differences was  
recorded in just six weeks. they were able to finish so quickly  
because, ms. saliers says, "we had a great team and came well prepared."

but time wasn't the only thing unusual about cutting this album;  
location was, too. they recorded it in santa monica, calif., instead  
of their usual studio in georgia.

"instead of a big slick studio, it was a small studio that mitchell  
[froom], our producer, has in back of his house," ms. saliers says.  
"you're facing everyone at the same time, which builds a familiarity  
and cohesion."

it also helped that mr. froom kept them on a strict, but civil, work schedule.

after more than 20 years of making music as indigo girls, ms. saliers  
says, things certainly have changed, especially when it comes to the  
group's fan base.

"it's more diverse than it used to be," she says. "we have a strong  
following of women." but their music also appeals to people in  
different stages in their lives, including college students and "kids  
as young as 5, all the way up to their teens."

the conditions under which that music is created are quite different  
for each partner. "amy's writing up a storm. she can write anywhere,"  
ms. saliers says, adding that that's simply not the case for her.

"i have terrible writer's block right now," she says with a laugh. "i  
like to be at home in a quiet space. it's harder for me to write on  
the road."

too much noise and no privacy block her creativity, she says. still,  
ms. saliers isn't worried; she has been writing songs since she was  
10, shortly after she learned to play guitar. even though she calls  
those early songs "terrible," she knows the creative flow will come  
back to her.

that shouldn't be a problem tonight when indigo girls bring their show  
to the majestic theatre. the dallas concert should reflect the  
intimacy, immediacy and strong emotional connection of the pair's most  
recent music-writing efforts.

on saturday, the band will play at the austin city limits music  
festival. finally, it will close its tour sunday in new orleans.

so what's next?

"it's time to make another record already," ms. saliers says. "i can't  
believe it."

she says she also would like to do a solo album, since her bandmate is  
on her third. but before any more recording  duo or solo  there are  
a few other things to do.

"i really want to rest. i love to run. love to cook. love to read.  
love to do the crossword puzzle."

jenny block is a dallas freelance writer.

plan your life

indigo girls will perform at 8 tonight, with opening act 3/5 human, at  
the majestic theatre, 1925 elm st. $33 to $47.
online at:

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