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  [ig-news] show of the week: 1991-04-25: dartmouth college - hanover, new hampshire  [carolyn <underdog@ear]


date: wed, 01 aug 2007 02:53:45 -0600
from: carolyn <>
subject: [ig-news] show of the week: 1991-04-25: dartmouth college - hanover, new hampshire

hi there,

i hope this finds everyone doing well : )

this week's show is a pretty good sounding recording from when the touring
behind nomads*indians*saints was beginning to wind down.  it is an acoustic
duo show with sara lee on bass and barbara marino guesting on the
saxophone, one of the last shows before a period of experimentation began
with differing band lineups including simone simonton and rachel lee, which
then lead up to the break before the recording of "rites of passage".  to
provide some additional context, this series of shows in april of 1991 came
on the heels of the first gulf war.

the recording includes a portion of the sound check, which has amy singing
a bit of "angel from montgomery" as well as working on an early version of
"jonas and ezekial" that features some different lyrics than those that
would end up in official release. it also includes "no way to treat a
friend", the infamous "freebird/stairway to heaven/sweet home alabama"
medley, "american tune", and michael lorant and gerard mchugh guesting on
"uncle john's band".

here is the setlist:


01. angel from montgomery (soundcheck) (1:01)
02. jonas and ezekial (soundcheck) (3:51)
03. welcome me (4:45)
04. hammer and a nail (3:54)
05. southland in the springtime (5:34)
06. world falls (5:07)
07. love's recovery (5:39)
08. pushing the needle too far (5:04)
09. crazy game (4:59)
10. no way to treat a friend (3:50)
11. freebird/stairway to heaven/sweet home alabama (1:46)
12. you and me of the 10,000 wars (5:32)
13. watershed (5:44)
14. romeo and juliet (5:29)
15. history of us (6:19)
16. land of canaan (3:48)
17. center stage (4:55)
18. closer to fine (4:27)
19. prince of darkness (5:56)
20. american tune (4:08)
21. uncle john's band (with michael lorant and gerard mchugh) (5:40)

and here is the direct download link:

enjoy : )


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