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from: carolyn <>
subject: [ig-news] show of the week: 1989-02-21: wrek - atlanta, georgia
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hi there,

i hope this finds everyone doing well : )

thank you very much for the positive feedback about last week's featured show.

this week's show is a light hearted home town radio performance from the
night before "indigo girls" was first available in atlanta area record
stores. the interviewer is a little out of it at times but the sound
quality on this one is really terrific, with a new, brighter sounding
version having been uploaded to the site a couple of weeks ago. features a
rare performance of "half moon cafe", a beautiful rendition of "the
untitled song", a solo version of "hand me downs" which amy introduces by
saying it was written the night before, and a very fun run up to "love of
the common people".   if you only ever download one show, this would be my

here is the setlist:


01. interview (2:20)
02. thin line (3:22)
03. interview (1:04)
04. mona lisas and mad hatters (4:46)
05. interview (0:32)
06. half moon cafe (3:40)
07. interview (1:01)
08. hand me downs (2:44)
09. interview (1:19)
10. nashville (3:51)
11. interview (0:52)
12. the untitled song (4:26)
13. interview (1:18)
14. welcome me (4:06)
15. interview (1:13)
16. love of the common people (2:53)
17. interview (0:40)

and here is the direct download link:

enjoy : )


ps - i also wanted to thank everyone for the terrific response to the new
photos section of lifeblood, to date i've received more than 1,100 photos
(with more on the way) and am working on getting them added to the
site.  hopefully the first will start popping up live on the site by this
weekend.  thanks again  :   )

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