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  [ig-news] show of the week: 1993-11-xx: urban nirvana - atlanta, georgia  [carolyn <]


date: thu, 12 jul 2007 18:54:29 -0600
from: carolyn <>
subject: [ig-news] show of the week: 1993-11-xx: urban nirvana - atlanta, georgia

hi there,

i hope this finds everyone doing well : )

i'm just about to cross the 450 downloadable bootleg mark on the lifeblood
site and thought it might be a good time to begin highlighting some of the
shows to help provide a toe hold into the collection.

this first "show of the week" was recorded at urban nirvana in atlanta,
georgia a couple of days before amy and emily went into the studio to
record "swamp ophelia". the show was unannounced with just a handful of
fans getting advanced word through the atlanta grapevine, and luckily for
us one of them brought their tape recorder. the performance was completely
unplugged, no mics, no amps, no monitors, and was a dry run of sorts for
many of the songs that would end up on the record. the sound quality is
pretty good, especially considering the conditions.

here is the setlist:


01. reunion (4:09)
02. least complicated (4:57)
03. fugitive (5:26)
04. the wood song (4:59)
05. dead man's hill (4:48 )
06. power of two (5:58 )
07. this train revised (5:32)
08. language or the kiss (8:01)

and here is the direct download link:

enjoy : )


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