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date: fri, 11 may 2007 01:25:15 +0000
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subject: [ig-news] new brunswick show

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here is my better late than never review of the new brunswick show. i left
immediately for baltimore after the show, so i couldn't post earlier.

first, the set list:
pendulum swingers
it's alright
power of two
little perennials
get out the map
heartache for everyone
love's recovery
money made you mean
wood song
thin line
lay my head down
land of canaan
hammer and a nail
dairy queen
closer to fine
shame on you

let it be me

this was an excellent show. it was part of new brunswick coexixtence
festival and i think the set list somewhat reflected that theme. the girls
were in great form and you could tell they were thrilled to be playing. the
weather was perfect.

some specific things i remember include the end of go, as amy and emily were
both wailing on the guitars. they put a lot of power into that song. the
harmonious "oh-we-oh"s were fun on perennials. ozilline was especially
excellent and made me cry as it usually does. i was thrilled to hear both
wood song and, especially, thin line. i haven't heard either of those live
in some time. canaan, nail, and closer brought the house down and you could
see the girls were grateful for the response. before nail, emily talked
about the rutgers women's basketball team and congratulated them for getting
so far in the season. it was the first time  i  heard let it be me live, so
that was a real treat. the new songs (which aren't so new anymore) sound
great next to the old songs. i really wanted to hear "i believe in love" and
"dirt and dead ends" but they did play a lot of stuff i was hoping they'd
play (wood, ozilline, canaan, money, and dairy).

it was a fine ending to a great festival (the festival continued, but it was
the end for me). on the way out i bumped into two friends who had never seen
ig before; both were very impressed!

tom m.

"can you mr. bush light the sage"
- --- tori amos, "indian summer"

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