lifeblood: listlogs: 2007-140


date:    thu, 11 oct 2007 09:51:22 -0700
from:    renee grebe <>
subject: offer:  extra ticket(s) for dc's "pray for peace" with emily saliers on 10/16/07

anyone from va/md/dc planning on attending the "pray for peace" concert (wh=
ere emily will be preforming) at the national cathedral on tuesday, oct. 16=
th?   i bought two tickets, but it turns out that only i can go, so i now h=
ave one extra ticket.   i was hoping to re-coupe my costs ($50+servicemaste=
r charges made it $60) for a seat in the rear nave. it's general admission,=
so you could potentially get close seats in the rear nave.  =0a=0aif someo=
ne out there is hoping to catch a pair of these tickets, let me know, and p=
erhaps i'd just not attend afterall. $120 (obo) for the pair? =0a=0ai'm hap=
py to meet up in person to get you the ticket(s) if you're interested so th=
at we don't have to meet the night of. =0amore web info here:=0ahttp://www.= =0a=0a-renee

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