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date:    thu, 13 sep 2007 17:10:33 edt
subject: my ig/power to the peaceful review sf 9/8/07

We just got home after an incredble anniversary weekend in northern  
california.  conveniently, power to the peaceful was in san franciso just  two days
before our actual anniversary day.  We both love indigo girls and  we both love
spearhead (not to mention that we both love peace!), so how could  we not go?!

We flew in late thursday night.  friday, we had people to see in san  jose,
san franciso, berkeley, marin, and santa rosa.  it was a long day,  ending up
with us in bed at 1:30am.

i dragged myself up at 8am so that i could visit with my aunt and uncle  
before heading into the city.

my dear, travelling Who friend shari was running about an hour ahead of  me.  
having been properly briefed on my target location (front row, between  amy
and emily, of course), she put down a blanket for me in the best spot she  
could find, front row behind the platform, outside of emily.  someone else  
already had a huge tarp covering the whole front row center.  small world,  it
turned out to be spike!  i knew i should have called and coordinated  with her
ahead of time (i did tell her i was coming), but with so much going on,  it was
just more than i could do.  

everyone who was set up was behind the two person deep platform attached to  
the fence.  security was keeping that clear.

anyway, shortly after arriving, i had to leave, as i was on the list for  the
backstage press conference.  it wasn't life changing, but it was very  very
cool.  amy, emily, michael (franti from spearhead, the event  organizer), amy
goodman, paul mitchell aka dj spooky, and mario hardy  africa.  i didn't record
it or take notes, but suffice it to say, it was an  interesting conversation
about music and politics.  i greatly admire how  all of them use their
platforms to catalyze people.

When we came back out from the press conference, people had moved up onto  
the platform.  our spot was still there, but it was now third row, instead  of
front row.  no good.  after checking in with my wife that she was  ok with me
moving, i quickly made my way over to 2nd row center, in front of  where
spike's tarp was.  much better centering, but second row was  still no good.  there
were two guys who were dead center, next to  spike and joey.  a black guy and
a white guy.  i played the odds,  figuring that chances were that the black
guy was there for spearhead and not  for ig.  (not that there aren't black guys
in the world who love ig, blah,  blah, blah...)

i asked if it was really important to him to be front row for ig, and bless  
his heart, he graciously traded spots with me.  i was in my happy  spot.  
front row dead center.  Whew!  (turned out the other guy  was there for spearhead,

on to the show.  it was a great fucking show.  not a particularly  happy set
list for me (see below), but they played 1/2 of the show with three  five
human.  i have been so missing them playing with a band.  in the  early days, when
it seemed that it switched between band and duo pretty much  every other
tour, it was always fresh and fun.  but 10 years of just duo  has become a real
drag for me, as deep down, i'm a rocker.

and 3-5-h are a great band.  i wouldn't mind if they simply toured  with ig
as their backing band.

like i said, the set list wasn't my thing. i could do without oz.  i  could
do without chickenman.    of all the hard rocking emily  songs they could do
with a band, trouble would not be high on my list.   etc.

but on the flip side, rock and roll heaven's gate was fucking  fantastic.  
and even better, was the best thing i've seen them do in  10 years - bury my
heart at Wounded knee.  it made the whole trip worth my  while.  it was so
incredible.  pure, gut wrenching, rock and roll  bliss.  it was so powerful.  a
dream come true.

also being big spearhead fans (i was first turned on to them back in 1995,  
and i've seen them about a dozen times since, including twice with ig), we hung
in there through the 1/2 hour set break and stayed for spearhead's set.  (i  
asked the guy if he wanted his spot back, but he was happy, so so was i!)  
spearhead was fabulous, as always, but i was really sad they didn't do "our"  
song - one step closer, nor did he sing about how all the freaky people make
the  beauty in the World.

ok.  time to fold laundry.  hope you enjoyed the read.


set list
galileo  (great opener)
pendulum swinger
shame on you
our deliverance
chickenman w/ bitteroot (excellent performance)
three five human then did two songs of their own
rock and roll heaven's gate w/ 3-5-h (outstanding!!!)
trouble w/ 3-5-h
bury my heart at Wounded knee w/ 3-5-h (best non-Who thing i've seen in  
kid fears (w/ trina)
midnight train to georgia w/ 3-5-h
tether w/ 3-5-h

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date:    thu, 13 sep 2007 14:18:43 -0700
from:    spike <>
subject: power to the peaceful photos

speaking of power to the peaceful, here are my photos:

and in case i didn't post this link, my (now complete) summer tour photos:

ok, kind of complete.  i still may do some editing and put a few more up.



"i'm running to the end of the earth, and i'm swimming to the edge of the
and i'm laughing, i'm under a starry sky
this world was meant for me, don't bury me carry me..."
~~ amy ray (indigo girls) <---

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date:    thu, 13 sep 2007 20:54:34 -0600
from:    carolyn <>
subject: show of the week: 1993-09-26: songwriter showcase - eddie's attic - decatur, georgia (kelly hogan, amy ray, cooper seay, jan dykes)

hi there,

hope this finds everyone doing well : )

the late 80s and early 90s were a really fun time to hang out in atlanta,
on any given night you could chose between hearing michelle malone, kristen
hall, wendy bucklew, ellen james society, and more, and if you were really
lucky you might catch them sharing the stage with up to three other artists
in what were then known as songwriter showcases.  the shows were very
loosely formatted, and the different artists would often start singing
and/or playing along with each other, making for some really neat

the fall of 1993 found both amy and emily participating in on these types
of shows, working on the songs that would later comprise the "swamp
ophelia" record.  this weeks featured show has amy sitting in with kelly
hogan, cooper seay, and jan dykes, next weeks will be from a month or so
later when emily sat in with some friends and performed in the same
format.  this weeks offering comes from two sources, the first a radio
broadcast of the first half of the set, and the second an audience
recording of the entire performance, including a guest appearance by emily
on the last few songs.

1993-09-26: songwriter showcase - eddie's attic - decatur, georgia (kelly
hogan, amy ray, cooper seay, jan dykes)

(band show with wayne glass on drums)


01. eddie owen (1:38)
02. introduction by amy ray (0:20)
03. dirt clod (kelly hogan with chris lopez) (3:35)
04. fugitive (amy ray) (4:39)
05. tears of stone (cooper seay and jan dykes) (3:58)
06. arms (kelly hogan with chris lopez) (3:57)
07. dead man's hill (amy ray) (4:23)
08. man overboard (cooper seay and jan dykes) (4:10)
09. dirty vs. clean (kelly hogan with chris lopez) (2:10)
10. 1 2 3 (amy ray with everyone) (5:21)
11. angry (cooper seay and jan dykes) (4:16)
12. waiting (kelly hogan with chris lopez) (4:23)
13. touch me fall (amy ray) (5:21)
14. amsterdam (cooper seay and jan dykes) (3:49)
15. eddie owen (0:26)
16. introduction by amy ray (0:17)
17. breaking down (kelly hogan with chris lopez) (3:55)
18. hand me downs (amy ray) (4:15)
19. (unknown) (cooper seay and jan dykes) (5:27)
20. dusting pieces (kelly hogan with chris lopez) (5:11)
21. this train revised (amy ray) (6:05)
22. (unknown) (cooper seay and jan dykes) (5:21)
23. circle (kelly hogan with chris lopez) (3:15)
24. reunion (amy ray and emily sailers) (5:57)
25. language or the kiss (amy ray and emily sailers) (7:31)
26. (unknown) (cooper seay and jan dykes) (4:05)
27. lucky nights (kelly hogan with chris lopez) (2:25)
28. rhiannon (group) (1:25)
29. (unknown) (cooper seay and jan dykes) (5:21)
30. cortez the killer (group) (3:49)

here is the direct download link for the radio broadcast:

and for the audience recording:



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