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date:    fri, 22 jun 2007 14:20:42 +1000
from:    sherlyn koo <>
subject: noW magazine amy interview

hi folks,

this is from noW magazine in toronto...


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q+a : amy ray
from the indigo girls
by sarah liss

dyke folk icons the indigo girls join the pride festivities on the Wellesley=

stage (church and Wellesley) saturday (june 23) at 9:30 pm. free.

the indigo girls' latest album, despite our differences, seems to be focused=
issues that aren't specifically gay. there's a lot of interesting thinking=
urban-rural spaces in the states and some pretty heavy class analysis. Where=
that come from?

all my life i've been a nature girl. about 15 years ago i moved to a rural=
and built a big house and bought land, but the area is quite poor and i very=

much didn't want to be part of the process of gentrification.

all these rich people wanted me to participate in neighbourhood alliances to=

support their efforts to kick out the trailers and make gated communities. i=
like, "Why did you move out here in the first place?"

i'd love to stay home for five years and run for city council so i can=
change it
from within, but right now the best i can do is write about it in my music.

consciousness-raising is definitely a big part of your music. is that why=
include so many diverse resources in your album liner notes?

nothing against the human rights commission [the largest gay and lesbian=
rights organization in the u.s.], but we want our resources to be totally
grassroots and community-oriented. We want to promote things like suicide
hotlines and transgender issues, things that make it hard to live as a queer=

person, not just the big issues related to power and money and politics.=
are still a lot of matthew shepards out there.

cyndi lauper's true colors tour is specifically trumpeting the hrc and=
getting a
lot of attention because of it.

true colors is amazing and cyndi's an amazing woman, but it's not a very
politicized tour. it's sponsored by levi's! one amazing part of true colors,=

though, is that they screen this hrc-produced film that shows people who've=
killed because of their sexuality or gender. if one person's outlook is=
after seeing that five-minute film, the tour will have had an important=

how do you reconcile your anti-corporate politics with leaving your old=
(sony subsidiary epic) to sign with disney-owned hollywood for this album?

yeah, it was a hard choice. it was a compromise between me and emily z=
the other indigo girl]. i'd love to put out our records independently, but=
doesn't think we have the infrastructure in place - and she's probably=
disney's done decent things for queers around same-sex benefits and stuff,=
but i
still say it wasn't my first choice, and emily would probably say it wasn't=

worth it now, but you live and learn.

how has being an out queer performer changed since the indigo girls first
started playing music?

it's definitely become way easier. people will actually fraternize with you=
i remember during the first lilith fair, sarah mclachlan was awesome, but i=
like a lot of performers were like, "oh, those are the gay girls" and left=
alone cuz we were the freaks.

but i think we've gone beyond gender and sexuality boundaries. take someone=
pink. any privilege she has from being a straight woman she uses to benefit=
queer community.

noW magazine,
noW magazine
everything toronto. online.
june 21 - 27, 2007 | vol. 26 no. 42
entire contents are =a9 2007 noW communications inc.
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date:    fri, 22 jun 2007 14:27:16 +1000
from:    sherlyn koo <>
subject: red butte show review from deseret morning news

hi kids,

here's a nice review from the deseret morning news - online at,1249,680192516,00.html...


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deseret morning news, thursday, june 21, 2007

indigo girls show introspective side
by josh loftin
deseret morning news

indigo girls and brandi carlile, red butte garden, tuesday

add "delicate" to the list of superficial tags hung around the necks of the=

indigo girls.

tuesday night's sold-out concert at red butte garden saw the songwriting duo=
amy ray and emily saliers in a contemplative mood that was reflected in both=

their set list and their overall sound. there was also no political=
outside of a few, scattered song lyrics, no rally cries, and their song=
were heavily skewed to the intrinsic emotions.

possibly surprisingly, it was those slower, often darker, songs that really=

carried the show. the high point may have been a pair of songs near the end=
the main set, "kid fears" and "the last tears," during which their stellar
melodies and gorgeous guitar work were truly given a chance to shine.

While those songs were recorded slower, their relaxed demeanor also came=
in such songs as "yield," show-closer "galileo," crowd-favorite "closer to
fine," "shame on you," or ray's "let it ring." all of those songs, which
normally possess a tangible, fiery energy, moved at a more deliberate pace.=
fact, about the only song that maintained its normal fire was "rock and roll=

heaven's gate."

in many ways, the indigo girls seemed to be giving their fans a breather and=

urging them to look inward for their problems and the solutions. thankfully,=
all seemed to work, both in their ability to connect with the crowd, and in=

providing an entertaining, thought-provoking show. if the sounds were softer=
the thoughts more introspective, that may not have been a bad thing.

opener brandi carlile, who also sat in for nearly half of the indigo girls'=

portion of the show, performed a set that demonstrated why she may not be
opening for others much longer. the highlight was the title track from her
second album, "the story," which was buttressed expertly by a cover of=
cash's "folsom prison blues."


=a9 2007 deseret news publishing company

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date:    fri, 22 jun 2007 13:34:19 edt
subject: boulder 2 review 6/21/07

very comparable show to the night before.  maybe a notch better.   that means
not one of their greatest, but a truly wonderful show.

as i was walking up to the venue on one of the quiet, interior roads, amy  
drove by (or more accurately, was driven by).  We recognized each other,  smiled
and waved.  nice start.

rather than stop to chat with amy as she got out, i bolted right to the  
outdoor seating, where i secured a chunk of land for my wife, our eight year old  
son, and our five year old daughter.  opportunity missed with amy, but  their
seating was more important, and life is long.

brandi carlile was great again, winning over yet another crowd of  people.  
she's gonna be big.  oh, and both nights, a&e came out  for one song.

i was outside with the family for 1/2 of her set and inside for the other  

lots of great friends again.  skeeter, nicole, marci, tamara, laura,  anne,
and more.

i spent most of the show in the third row, right in front of amy.   (last
night was front row, outside of emily.  if i had to be outside of my  happy zone
- between the two, it was kind of nice to have a night on each  side.)

on to the show...

a - yield.  Worked for me as an opener.  felt like amy was  singing right to
me for the whole song.  i wonder if it was true or a  projection.  could be
either, i suppose, but since i only felt that way  during this song, that she's
always seen me really connect to, it could be  true.  

e - hammer and a nail.  always fun to hear it, but given a choice, i'd  pick
both Watershed and 10k Wars from nis over h&n.

a - jonas and ezekial.  score!  i had noticed they'd been doing  it
occasionally.  definitely the highlight of the show for me.  

e - pendulum swinger.  crowd was digging it tonight.  

a - dairy queen.  i'm in alignment with amy's recent year choices of  yield
and become you, but i can't say i've been terribly thrilled by the regular  
presence of dq or oz.  that said, it was a good performance.  just my  opinion.

e - fill it up again.  a strong rendition.  the crowd was  diggin'.

a - three county highway.  they did this one last summer at chautauqua  
before the album came out.  it's ok, but not a favorite of mine.

e - lay my head down.  glad they played this one tonight.  i  bolted outside
to snuggle with my sweetie.  

a - heartache for everyone.  peppy, again.  good family  time.  

e - hope again w/ bc.  again, it was quite lovely, but not a  great live
track.  said goodnight to the family and headed back  inside.

a - World falls w/ bc.  hot damn!  love that song.  one of  my favorites.

dylan - don't think twice, it's alright w/ bc.  not great,  but good.  they
dug it.

a - new solo song.  (i had noticed that she didn't do a solo slot the  night
before.)  not sure of the title, but blackest boots and Whitest skin  was part
of the refrain.

e - get out the map.  not much to say.  

a - shame on you.  also not much to say.

e - ghost.  another hot damn!  the crowd was mesmerized.  it  was a
particularly good performance, particularly the last 1/3 or so.   afterwards, emily
mimed throwing up to illustrate the song.  amy added that  it was one of her
favorite songs.

a - kid fears w/ bc and josh, her cellist.  

as i mentioned earlier, i was way back in the third row.  i was four  seats
off the aisle.  early in the show, i told the woman next to  me that when the
crowd moved later in the show, i'd be bolting.  i  asked her to pass it on to
the other women to her left.  she told the woman  next to her who just gave a
dirty look and didn't pass it on.  so when the  time came, i didn't feel too
badly as i climbed over them.

before i knew it, i was up on the stage, next to my friends who had seats  
1&2.  that means i was between amy and brandi, up against the  stage.  Way
better than last night where they made us stay one giant step  back, which i just
hate.  it's a real energy killer.

e - closer to fine w/ bc.  

encore break

e - last tears w/ bc.  it was very good.  tough live song, but  quite

a - tried to be true.  loved it, again.  i played the missing  drums on the

a - rock and roll heaven's gate.  kicked ass, again.  felt good  to rock out
a bit.  i miss the band.  i miss the band.  i miss  the band.

e - galileo w/ bc.  i really, really liked having someone singing  jackson's
part.  i sing it every time, and always feel so alone.

afterwards, i stayed and hung out.  it was fun to talk to other big  fans.  i
haven't had so much of that in a while.

as usual, a&e came out, chatted with people, signed stuff, took  pictures,
etc.  i just hung back and watched.  that was enough for  me.  

btW, they are both looking really well, which is nice to see.  it's  kind of
interesting to see someone a few times every year or two over almost 20  
years.  i found myself marvelling at how much they look like they did back  in '92
(before amy chopped her hair).  

oh, and during the show, emily had on jeans and t-shirt that said, "dont  
ruin this With Words."  amy had on tight fitting striped pants that looked  great
on her.  

i'm grateful that almost 20 years later, they're still together playing  this
great music.  next to pete townshend, there's nobody in the world i'd  rather
see up on stage with an acoustic guitar.  

ok.  back to work.


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