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date:    mon, 23 apr 2007 17:46:30 -0400
from:    mike reynolds <>
subject: ll beans and ig -some more news - also - anyone in maine going to keene?

hi all -
i went to ll beans to go shopping (i had an unused gift card and their
pack pillows are great for my neck/back, so why not.)

i was talking with the sales clerk about the issue with people leaving
lawn chairs unattended to save seats, she said it will not be allowed
this year. they have heard all the complaints and i guess they know
several folks from other bands playing have called and made an issue of
it. plus while the ig for free in maine is a huge deal - there are other
shows which may have an even bigger turnout.. (mary chapin carpenter,
assembly of dust, john hiatt and shawn colvin, heck, possibly great big

just an update - the free ig show is august 18th ish...

and melissa ferrick is opening in lowell and a bunch of folks are doing
the lowell - freeport run ...

and is anyone in maine doing keene - could i rideshare w/ you?

(i'm not a serial killer.) i promise...just looking to save time (right
now - i need to go to boston via amtrak then back to keene...) i may or
may not need a ride home from keene.

mike r.

ps - dawn - call me as i am not getting yr emails!

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