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date: thu, 07 dec 2006 11:01:35 +1100
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] fwd: indigo girls:  new note from emily!

hi folks,

latest official mailer below...


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date: wed, 06 dec 2006 15:05:48 -0500
from: indigo girls <>
subject: indigo girls:  new note from emily!

i attended the school of americas' protest on november 19th,
accompanied by becky bodonyi, our new and amazing political
liaison from rcam.  the weather was cold and crisp and, once
again, the gathering was an inspiring group of thousands and
thousands from all over who came to sing, to pray, to remember,
and to shut down this school at ft. benning that teaches torture,
death, and destruction.

to read more, please go here:

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