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  [ig-news] habitat for humanity benefit album  [sherlyn koo <sherlyn@pixelo]


date: sun, 26 nov 2006 12:40:31 +1100
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] habitat for humanity benefit album

hi folks,

there's a new habitat for humanity benefit coming out which has "closer to fine"
on it.  here's the article,or you can read it online at:


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westerberg, jayhawks, merchant and others get together for new orleans
wednesday november 22, 2006 @ 06:00 pm
by: staff

the jayhawks  

a variety of caring artists have contributed songs to for new orleans: a benefit
for the musicians' village habitat for humanity, a 31-track compilation due out
on dec. 7.

natalie merchant, indigo girls, the late jeff buckley, paul westerberg, marshall
crenshaw, gary louris and the jayhawks are some of the artists included on the
disc, along with acts from minneapolis, minnesota-based sugarfoot music, which
is releasing the album of previously unreleased material and older favourites.

the two-cd set will benefit musicians from new orleans who were victims of
hurricane katrina and the resulting floods. all proceeds will go towards habitat
for humanity's new orleans musicians village project, an idea conceived by harry
connick, jr. and branford marsalis. the eventual goal is to build 81 homes for
musicians and their families who were displaced by the hurricane.

westerberg appears on the album under the alias pw & the honky heartattax, while
buckley contributes a cover of bob dylan's "i shall be released" that was
recorded over the telephone. a 36-page colour booklet, featuring the performers'
thoughts about new orleans, is included.

here are the tracks on for new orleans: a benefit for the musicians' village
habitat for humanity:

larry john mcnally - "i love to wake up in new orleans"
marshall crenshaw - "gasoline baby"
the hopefuls - "drain the sea"
dan wilson - "i can't hold you"
diana grasselli - "beautiful city"
alicia wiley - "in your sight"
jelloslave - "luna"
ill chemistry - "hold on"
curlew - "the popeye hole (1967)"
the jayhawks - "caught with a smile on my face"
kevin bowe & the okemah prophets - "my favorite pain"
pw & the honky heartattax - "old money"
electropolis - "pink room"
neverwas - "blind from birth girl"
jeff buckley - "i shall be released"
frank tedesso - "istanbul"
sloan wainwright - "summertime"
storyhill - "give up the ghost"
susan mckeown - "wheels of the world"
timothy hill - "sacred ground"
natalie merchant - "weeping pilgrim"
brandon ross - "twelve gates to the city"
cantus - "my lord what a mornin'"
jason crigler - "bush and the tree song, pt. 1"
justine sasanfar - "nocturne in f minor"
gary rue and prudence johnson - "travel"
indigo girls - "closer to fine"
moveable feast - "directions"
ethel - "after dusk"
jason crigler - "riescam"
sandy hinding - "blue bayou"
- -jason macneil

this story can be accessed online at

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