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date: fri, 10 nov 2006 19:40:53 +1100
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subject: [ig-news] ventura county reporter article

hi folks,

here's an article from the ventura county reporter - you can read it online at:


- ---begin forwarded article---
still together after all these years
the indigo girls' amy ray on how she makes a

- - by stephanie kinnear -

there is some misinformation being spread about the indigo girls. nothing
that'll make people magazine or cost anyone millions in legal fees -- but, just
to set the record straight, amy ray and emily saliers' musical relationship
started in 1980. unfortunately, some people have their dates confused. "twenty
years after the indigo girls began making music, amy ray and emily saliers
return this fall with a new album, despite our differences ..." reads a press
release that came through our office.

"well, actually, it's been a lot longer than that. i don't know where they're
pulling 20 years out of. 'cause they keep saying that, and we've actually been
playing together since 1980. but we've been recording ... i think they mean we
started recording in '85," explains amy ray from mankato, minn., where the
indigo girls are making a stop on their current tour.

however, she doesn't seem too concerned about the mix-up, or even interested in
anniversaries. as she puts it: she and longtime musical partner emily saliers
are too busy looking forward to worry much about what happened in the past --
even if that past does encompass 11 albums and a grammy (not to mention another
handful of grammy nominations).

the two actually met when ray was in fifth grade and saliers was in sixth, and
began making music during their high school years. in 1988, the duo was signed
to epic records, and the following year they released their first major-label
album. indigo girls showcased what has become ray and saliers' trademark sound:

airtight, ambitious harmonies accompanied by masterful acoustic guitar.

now, 18 years after the release of that grammy award-winning effort, not much
has changed for the two -- they're still together making albums full of lively
folk-inspired tracks and the occasional heart wrenching ballad.

so, what's the secret to such a successful relationship? (if you think about it
- -- the indigo girls have been together about 19 years longer than most marriages
last. and they have to work together.)

according to ray, it's a few things. "we're sort of aware of the need to nurture
the relationship over time and make sure that we're giving each other the space,
creatively, that we need. we're very, extremely careful about everything, to
keep our partnership going. it's definitely a whole system," ray says, laughing,
"and it works."

they also have their own projects that they work on outside of the indigo girls.
ray, for instance, has released two albums of solo material -- some of it is
inline with the roots-driven folk she records as an indigo girl, and some of it
betrays a very different, punk-infused influence. "[playing solo] is really
important. i mean, i think it's integral right now for me; it kind of goes
hand-in-hand with the indigo girls for me ... but i prioritize the partnership i
have with emily, because it's something that is special, and i don't want
anything to happen to it," she explains.

it probably also helps that the two are fierce activists and in agreement on the
issues. over the years, ray and saliers have penned songs that criticize our
government's dealings with the native american community, our government's
treatment of the gay community -- they've written about war (you can imagine how
they feel about it) and the environment. and on their most recent effort,
despite our differences they keep on hammering away -- this time, on the opener
"pendulum swinger," they give it good to the guy in the oval office. "what we
get from your war walk/ticker of the nation breaking down like a bad clock i
want the pendulum to swing again /so that all your mighty mandate was just
spitting in the wind," they sing in perfect harmony.

right now, they're making their way across the country in a bus equipped with a
diesel engine that they have been trying to fill up with vegetable oil as often
as possible. they're also, as this story goes to press, fired up about the
midterm elections.

"i think there's a lot of awareness of the midterm elections being important,"
says ray. "i feel optimistic actually ... 'cause i think people are just tired
of the status quo right now and want something to change."

so, as a quick synopsis, how to make a relationship work, per ray's advice: look
forward, not backwards, give each other a little space, prioritize the
relationship ... oh, and vote for the same candidates.  

the indigo girls play the ventura theatre on nov. 11. for more information, call


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