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date: wed, 08 nov 2006 17:54:59 +1100
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] fwd: indigo girls: new note from emily!

hi folks,

here's the latest official mailer..

- -sherlyn

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      date: tue, 07 nov 2006 21:11:41 -0500
      from: indigo girls <>
   subject: indigo girls: new note from emily!

on november 17-19, 2006, thousands of people will converge on ft. benning,
georgia to protest the school of americas/western hemisphere institute for
security cooperations (soa/whinsec) and speak out against oppressive u.s.
foreign policy.  i will be there to sing a song on sunday the 19th and
stand in
solidarity with people here and in central and south america who have suffered
atrocities at the hands of graduates of the soa/whinsec.

to read more, please go here:

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