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hey folks,

here's an article from the ann arbor news.  you can read it online at:


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indigo girls see fans like family
thursday, october 19, 2006
by martin bandyke
news special writer

despite a label change, working with a different producer and recording their
latest album far outside their georgia home base, some things still stay the
same when it comes to the indigo girls, the folk-rock duo consisting  
of amy ray
and emily saliers.

on "despite our differences,'' their just-released cd, the two  
continue in their
quest to make socially conscious music with beautiful harmonies and uplifting
messages, something they've been experts at for a good 20 years now.

speaking by phone between rehearsals for an upcoming tour that will bring them
to the michigan theater in ann arbor on friday, indigo girls
guitarist/songwriter/vocalist amy ray sounded enthusiastic about collaborating
with top-notch music producer mitchell froom, whose extensive resume includes
work with elvis costello, paul mccartney and randy newman. "despite our
differences'' was recorded at froom's home studio in santa monica, calif.

"he's kind of a minimalist but at the same time he's very sensual and lush,''
said ray. "it creates a lot of energy 'cause there's nothing covering anything
up, so the intimacy is really there and he likes to work really fast. we felt
for someone who could do a cibo matto record and also los lobos and crowded
house and suzanne vega's pivotal '99.9,' that's what we needed,  
someone who can
take an artist who's been around for 20 years and bring something fresh.''

the indigo girls' previous release, the excellent "all that we let in'' from
2004, proved to be their last for epic records, the label that had  
released all
of the duo's music going back to their self-titled debut some 15 years  
ray and saliers were simply too much of a challenge for a company increasingly
guided by youth and a play-it-safe attitude.

"the marketing entity felt like they didn't know what to do with us,''  
said ray.
"how do we market them? they're over 40, they're queer, they're really
political, we don't know what to do with this band anymore,'' she said with a
rueful laugh.

after getting a few lukewarm bites from some indie labels, ray and saliers are
now happily signed to the hollywood imprint, a major label that showed  
the most
enthusiasm and love for the girls.

the high point of "despite our differences'' in terms of aggressiveness and
volume is certainly "rock and roll heaven's gate,'' a hard-rocking song about
community and solidarity that features pop-rocker pink helping out on vocals.
other strong tracks include "pendulum swinger,'' with pointed commentary about
institutionalized sexism, and "i believe in love,'' a reflective tune  
about the
end of a relationship.

while ray and saliers are both openly gay, they don't press that point overtly
on their albums, where their lyrics are for the most part gender-neutral.

"we've always felt from the very beginning that when we sang a love song, that
it be about whoever you love,'' explained ray. "i listened to straight people
sing love songs my whole life, and it didn't keep me from relating to love. a
great song by neil young or patti smith is a great song.''

ray, who said she enjoys playing in a city like ann arbor, has a simple answer
when asked what keeps her and saliers still excited about performing and
recording after so many years. "it's our audience that probably keeps us
together,'' said ray. "we can look out and it feels like family  
everywhere. that
can keep you going and keep you wanting to play.''

)2006 ann arbor news
) 2006 michigan live. all rights reserved.

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