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  [ig-news] fwd: indigo girls: message from russell carter  [sherlyn koo <sh]


date: thu, 19 oct 2006 06:51:12 +1000
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] orpheum show review from boston herald

hi folks,

here's a nice review of the boston orpheum show, from the boston herald.  you
can read it online at:


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indigo girls' 'differences' worth embracing
by christopher john treacy
wednesday, october 18, 2006

in the singer/songwriter realm, the difference in aesthetics between acoustic
and electrified performances can be rather startling. just think about all the
fuss that followed dylan's historic electric debut at newport.

though audiences may share a common love for a particular artist, they will
forever remain divided about whether plugged or unplugged is the more  
and satisfying concert experience. that said, there's no doubt an entire chunk
of orpheum patrons at the spottily attended indigo girls show monday  
night were
annoyed they didn't get much of a folkie fix. but playing their first downtown
show in years with the same band that graces their new mitchell froom-produced
cd, "despite our differences," the indigos showcased a musical backbone many
likely had forgotten ever existed.

amy ray and emily saliers opened a generous 26-song set with three of  
their new
cd's better offerings: the rousing "rock and roll heaven's gate,"  
which sounded
just fine without pink's guest vocal, followed by "pendulum swingers" and
"little perennials."

then they reached back to one of saliers' more endearing love songs, "power of
two." drummer matt chamberlain, a staple in tori amos' band, served up subtle
rhythmic twists with a brushed snare and bongo combination that  
fleshed out the
usual guitar-only live arrangement brilliantly, and the audience responded by
belting out every word.

it's worth noting that the best of the georgia duo's 12 studio releases have
been characterized by internationally flavored drumming techniques,  
provided in
the past by budgie (founding banshee and husband of goth icon siouxsie sioux)
and more recently by brady blade. chamberlain imitated it all with ease.

keyboardist carol isaacs provided tin whistle accompaniment on "least
complicated," played accordion during the american-indian-feeling "three hits"
and again during ray's "shame on you."

out in front, ray, clad in her now-trademark punky scotch plaid trousers, and
saliers, in black jeans and t-shirt, alternated between six- and 12-string
guitars, mandolin and electric banjo, seasoning "get out the map," "yield,"
"ozilline" and "trouble" - the latter two from 1999's overlooked "come on now
social" - with layers of forcefully strummed texture.

typical of the duo dynamic, indigo girls are more than the mere sum of their
parts; it's the tension between two very different songwriters and their
immediately identifiable vocal coiling that brands their sound.  
curiously, while
it's saliers' comforting, angelic singing style that's the more immediately
inviting of the two, ray's dark, brooding rock 'n' roll is clearly  
what holds up
the fort these days. sure, sailers' tunes are built on consistently pretty
melodies that give the girls' shows a dependable summertime, campfire appeal.
but ray's more compelling tales of strife and romantic indifference have been
stronger for several releases running.

it's not surprising then that her devastating solo performance of  
"dirt and dead
ends," written about the demise of a meth-addicted friend and neighbor, was
absolutely jaw-dropping and the emotional high point of the show.

north carolina's roman candle opened with a solid set of clang 'n' twang
southern rock that, in its finest moment, harkened to early crazy  
horse. too bad
most of the crowd was too busy tooling around the lobby to come in and hear

indigo girls, with roman candle. at the orpheum, monday night.

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date: thu, 19 oct 2006 10:44:47 +1000
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] fwd: indigo girls: message from russell carter

hi kids,

here's the latest official mailer - they're looking for people to do
street press for them...


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date: wed, 18 oct 2006 19:11:43 -0400
from: indigo girls <>
subject: indigo girls: message from russell carter


amy and emily are busy touring through the midwest and west coast, and
we need volunteers to help make these shows a success.  if you are
interested in being a street team member to help distribute posters
and flyers for the upcoming shows, please email

here are the details:
1.  we will give volunteers a free pair of tickets.
2.  if you are interested, please notify us no later than friday,
october 20th.
3.  the subject line must start with your city (very important) and
please only select cities listed below.
4.  please provide us with your mailing address.
5.  you will be notified by monday, october 23rd, if you are selected to join.
6.  this email address will be shut down by the end of the week.

thank you very much for your support and your help in getting the word out!

best regards,

russell carter

october 26:  st. louis, mo - the pageant
october 27-28:  chicago, il - vic theatre
october 29:  minneapolis, mn - state theater
october 30:  mankato, mn - mankato civic center
november 5:  seattle, wa - mccaw hall
november 6:  portland, or - crystal ballroom
november 8:  sacramento, ca - crest theatre
november 9-10:  san francisco, ca - warfield
november 11:  ventura, ca - ventura theater
november 13:  los angeles, ca - wiltern
november 14:  pala, ca - pala casino (san diego/orange county area)

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