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hi folks,

another article/emily interview, this time from the nashville city paper.  you
can read it online at:


- ---begin forwarded article---
indigo girls keep stretching out after 20 years
by ron wynn,
october 03, 2006
many groups or individual performers establish a reliable, comfortable style and
sound after being together for long periods of time, but that's definitely not
the case with the duo of amy ray and emily saliers, better known as the indigo

after recording and performing as a unit for more than 20 years, their 10th
studio release, despite our differences (hollywood), is among their most
conceptually challenging and varied works ever. ray and saliers will be
performing songs from that work and all their other releases tonight in concert
at the ryman auditorium along with the weepies, and saliers admits this last
session represented some major differences from past projects.

"well, we moved out of our comfort zone in many ways," she said. "we did this at
mitchell's (producer mitchell froom) home studio in california, plus almost
everyone was in the room together rather than doing separate vocals in different
locations and then putting everything together. there's also some elements there
musically that are different in terms of the arrangements, harmonies and flavor.
but we still kept the things in that have always defined our sound, and we also
had the types of issue-oriented numbers that we wanted, so i think it's like a
best possible situation for us."

besides the declarative, earnest vocal exchanges, interaction and shared leads
of ray and saliers, despite our differences also includes guest appearances from
brandi carlile and pink, two ardent fans of their music (the indigo girls
recently did harmonies on the single "dear mr. president" featured on the pink
cd i'm not dead).

there are also more hard-hitting message tracks, notably "pendulum swinger,"
which tackles both sexism and their dissent with the current administration's
foreign and domestic policies. however, there are also songs like lead single
"in little perennials" and "i believe in love" in which the focus is more social
than topical, and where the blend of acoustic and electric instruments plus
froom's understated production and the assistance of drummer matt chamberlain,
keyboardists carol isaacs and froom, plus bassist clare kenny are also expertly

despite our differences also marks a change for the indigo girls from a business
perspective, as it's their first release under a new deal with hollywood
records, one that saliers says "seemed like a better fit for us at this time,
though we also were very happy with our time on epic." while anticipating the
upcoming tour and still pleased with the long-term professional and personal
alliance with ray, saliers says there's one thing she'd eventually like to do
that might surprise some longtime fans.

"i'd like to make a solo record that's more rhythmically upbeat," she said.
"atlanta has a great urban scene and i really love a lot of that music, people
like mary j. blige and stevie wonder. eventually i'd like to do something more
in that arena on my own."

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what: the indigo girls with the weepies
when: 7:30 tonight
where: the ryman auditorium, 116 fifth ave. n.
cost: $38.50, $28.50
info: 889-3060

copyright 2000-2004, the city paper llc.

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