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  [ig-news] amy hosting new-now-next on sept 17th  [sherlyn koo <sherlyn@pix]


date: sun, 17 sep 2006 09:25:31 +1000
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] amy hosting new-now-next on sept 17th

hi folks,

looks like amy will be hosting logo's music show new-now-next, to air at
midnight on september 17th.  see details at the bottom of the article below
(taken from logo's web site at


- ---begin forwarded article---
> indigo girls gone wild!
> everyones favorite georgia-based homespun lesbian folk/rock/pop
> duo, the indigo girls (comprised of amy ray and emily saliers),
> have a new album (of fresh, all-new material) coming out this
> coming tuesday, september 19th. the release, entitled despite our
> differences, boast updated takes on the sound that made the girls
> famous: passionately sublime harmonies, strong thematically driven
> narratives, heartbreaking pleas for acknowledgement, and then, of
> course, just rollicking, fun strummy tunes.
> this latest also features some supporting help from guest stars
> like pink (a favor being returned after the girls joined pink on
> her kickass ballad dear mr. president on her most recent album)
> and up-and-coming singer/songwriter brandi carlisle.
> and even better? you can stream the entire disc now on logoonline.
> go here and give it a listen!
> and if you want even more, you can watch logos newnownext music
> video show this sunday night at midnight and catch exclusive
> interviews with amy ray, talking about making music, being out and
> what inspires her and saliers to create the thought-provoking,
> powerfully melodic tunes that rock our world.
> keep it up, yall.
> posted by logo on september 15, 2006

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