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date: fri, 25 aug 2006 13:47:03 +1000
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] short aol music article

hi everyone,

this is pretty cute - from aol music.  you can read it online at:

- -sherlyn

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indigo girls get puzzled on the road

posted aug 24th 2006 1:57pm by jessica robertson
filed under: movies, folk

when the indigo girls hit the road in support of their lastest album,
'despite our differences,' due sept. 19, you can bet they'll be taking
one thing with them: crossword puzzles.

the duo -- amy ray and emily saliers -- are notorious fans of the mind
flexers, so much so that the girls were featured in 'worldplay,' a
documentary by will shortz about the infamous new york times sunday
morning puzzle. "they came out to a gig and interviewed us because
they heard we did crossword puzzles all the time," ray told aol music.
and not just your average mama's puzzle, either. "we only do the new
york times'.

"i'm pretty good," ray continued. "sunday's take me all week if i'm
doing it alone. i find thursday's to be more difficult than friday's,
and i don't know why but i find saturday's to be impossible."

as for which of the girls has the better skills, ray is quick to
respond. "emily's better at it than i am. sometimes we do it as a
group on the bus, but i test it out and sneak my own puzzle into the
hotel room and do it alone before venturing into the group discussion."

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