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hey folks,

here's a billboard article about the new album.  you can read it  
online at

- -sherlyn

- --begin forwarded article--
indigo girls keep rocking on hollywood debut
july 31, 2006, 11:15 am et

katie hasty, n.y.
the indigo girls will be emphasizing their "differences" with the  
sept. 19 release of their debut for hollywood records. "despite our  
differences," according to emily saliers, captures much of what makes  
her and co-songwriter amy ray's compositions so distinct from one  

"this [album] feels like every song is more different than the next,  
even more so that it has been in the past," saliers tells "but [producer] mitchell froom understood from the  
get-go what made us different and how to combine our sides into  
something that make, i guess, the 'indigo glue.' he was the right  
choice for us."

the band has also folded pink ("rock'n'roll heaven's gate") and singer  
brandi carlile ("last tears") into the mix, but was careful not to  
allow the guests to get in the way of good storytelling.

"as par for the course, many of my songs deal with interpersonal  
relationships and about how i'm feeling about the spirit of the world  
and in america," saliers explains. "like on 'all the way,' the idea  
came to me while i was driving back home [to atlanta] from nashville.  
i saw a wreck on the side of the road, with a plume of black smoke  
rising from it. it gave me this impending sense of doom. so i took  
that image and applied it to my human relationships -- about how we  
all explode into each other as we're just trying to reach out. it got  
me thinking about the [christian] church, sexism, all these things  
that sometimes make us explode."

the indigo girls are no strangers to writing about politics and  
american culture, and remain steadfast volunteers in economic, social  
and human rights for u.s. indigenous populations. as for saliers,  
she's engaged in lengthy dialogues with her father don, a methodist  
minister, in order to come to a better understanding of christian  
churches and institutions, which resulted in "a song to sing, a life  
to live: reflections on music as spiritual practice," a non-fiction  
title released in 2004.

"he teaches me more about having patience with the institution, and  
opened my eyes to the work done by certain christian communities. it  
allows me to examine and respond as a queer person without having a  
total knee-jerk reaction," she says. "i believe in the sacred  
experience and i believe in mystical spiritual forces. i even go to  
church sometimes. but i've dealt with deep, deep struggles with the  
church, especially since george [w.] bush has entered office, with all  
the religious-cowboy posturing. i'm under the impression the church  
believes in peace."

though the indigo girls have been strong voices within the lesbian  
community and have stirred a large following of folk music lovers for  
the better part of two-and-a half decades, they have noticed a growing  
population of new fans: children.

"if you've been doing this kind of thing for 25 years, your fanbase is  
going to have a bunch of kids in that time," she says. "the response  
has been great, but now it just makes me think twice about how many  
times we say 'f*ck.'"

the indigo girls have been on the road previewing "despite our  
differences" since early july and are a fall tour in support.

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