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date: thu, 13 jul 2006 10:57:08 +1000
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] red butte show review from deseret morning news

hey folks,

here's a review of the red butte show from the deseret morning news.
you can read it online at:,1249,640193960,00.html


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deseret morning news, wednesday, july 12, 2006

indigo girls give stellar concert
by josh loftin
deseret morning news

indigo girls, michelle malone, red butte garden, sunday.

a renewed focus on music for the indigo girls translated to a
dramatically different, and much improved, performance sunday night.

playing before a sold-out crowd at the red butte garden amphitheater
as an acoustic duo, the indigo girls provided two hours of stellar
music that included an almost perfect mix of crowd favorites and
deeper album cuts. there were also a few songs from their forthcoming
album sprinkled into the set, much to the crowd's delight.

missing from the show, especially when compared to their 2004
performance at kingsbury hall, was heavy-handed politics and
preaching, although it did not seem like a hollow attempt to appease
the masses. more simply, the unspoken message seemed to be that
despite everything that may frustrate them and their fans, sometimes
it's better to just enjoy the music.

in this show, those musical highlights may have been the first taste
of new songs from amy ray and emily saliers, all of which hinted at a
potentially great album. the best of the bunch, "lay my head,"
possessed an introspection similar to the eternally seeking narrator
of "closer to fine."

ray seemed to be especially attuned to the crowd's energy, which
became most poignant when she was left alone for the mandolin-driven
"let it ring" and the encore performance of "go." it also seemed to
propel the lengthy jam session near the end of the first set, which
was book-ended by "chicken man" and included a raucous "bitterroot."

it's often a testament to a band when it can let the crowd sing the
chorus in one or two songs, so the ability of the indigo girls to
successfully turn over entire verses of a half-dozen songs, including
"power of two," "shame on you" and "fill it up again" speaks volumes
about their fans' devotion.

wind and generator problems plagued the venue sunday, resulting in
delayed sound checks and occasional distorted sound. yet the indigo
girls demonstrated their professionalism by not only persevering but
treating the crowds waiting outside the gates during their late sound
check to a miniconcert replete with a better version of "thin line"
than the one they played during the official set.

in stark contrast to many red butte shows, the simple arrival of the
indigo girls brought almost the entire crowd to its feet. with the
opening chords of "closer to fine," the passionate crowd started
screaming, singing and dancing and never stopped until the final,
fading chords of the beautiful show-closer "galileo."

opener michelle malone, who also joined the indigo girls for almost a
dozen songs during their set, played a strong set of her own, which
eventually got the attention of the crowd. she was plagued, however,
with sound problems and the blazing sun, which forced her to beg the
crowd for sunscreen.

) 2006 deseret news publishing company

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