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hey folks,

here's a little article fro mthe deseret news - you can read it online at:,1249,640192767,00.html


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deseret morning news, friday, july 07, 2006

indigo girls focus on the music
by josh loftin
deseret morning news

after headlining a politically charged fund-raiser two years ago, the indigo
girls are putting their music front and center for this year's visit.

focusing on the music is completely understandable, considering the duo's new
album is planned for release later this year. but it also does not mean that
politics will be absent from the show at the red butte garden amphitheater
sunday night.

that's especially true of the continuing fight against nuclear-waste storage on
the goshute indian reservation in tooele county, according to amy ray, who,
along with emily saliers, makes up the indigo girls.

still, the real memories from this performance may be new songs that ray said
they will be playing. for most of the audience, it will be their first exposure
to music from the forthcoming album, to be released sept. 19. "we recorded it in
a really short amount of time, so there is little wasted time. you couldn't take
any one out and still make it work."

widely recognized as one of the preeminent acoustic folk-rock bands, their sound
is rounded out on the album by electric guitars, ray said. although they are
only playing as an acoustic duo on their current summer tour, at red butte there
will likely be guitar work from michelle malone, who is also opening the show.
"there are electric guitars on the record but they are used in really different
ways. the whole album really varies. there are songs that are just one guitar, a
bass and the two of us singing, and then there are songs that are more like a
rock trio."

as usual, the album features some surprising guest appearances, especially pop
singer pink, who they got to know when they guested on her latest album. there
is also an appearance from brandi carlile, a country rocker whose music sounds
heavily influenced by the indigo girls.

in 2004, the indigo girls played a benefit show in kingsbury hall for the
environmental organization they helped found, honor the earth, which focuses on
helping american indians who are fighting the abuse of their reservation lands.
specifically, the money raised was targeted to help fight the storage of nuclear
waste on goshute tribal lands in the skull valley.

typically, they try to raise awareness of the issues impacting the american
indians, especially for the "non-native populations." they do not typically lead
the fight, preferring to "amplify the voices of people already doing the work"
on the reservations.

"indians are on the losing end on all sides of nuclear-energy production, from
the mining to the storage of waste," ray said. "we just really try to lend
support and help them get access."

if you go
what: indigo girls, michelle malone
where: red butte garden amphitheater
when: sunday, sold out
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