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subject: [ig-news] new notes from amy (29 apr)

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hey everyone!

well we started the record and it's going great. we are really happy with
our situation.

we're working out in santa monica in a small home studio with killer gear,
everything we could ever need. except for a bad case of homesickness, i am
sitting pretty.

our producer, mitchell froom is finding the cross pollination between emily
and i, and lending his cool musicality to our songs and arrangements.
mitchell has done some classic records, my favorite being cibo mato- viva!
la woman. his discography is long and impressive, from suzanne vega to
crowded house to los lobos.

the engineer, david boucher is originally a georgia boy, which put us right
at ease. he's been working with mitchell for a long time and their process
is exciting and keeps us on our toes. david is super gifted at finding the
heart of the sound. his mixes are already great to listen to. this record is
gonna be a quick one, with recording and mixing all in the same place.

the drummer this go round is matt chamberlain. we are lucky to be playing
with him. how about this for a glance at his discography; he has played with
tori amos, keith urban, macy gray, kanye west, garbage, fiona apple, and
sara evans, and that's just some of em.

clare kenny is putting on the low end and she is as indispensable as ever.
carol isaac is coming out in a few weeks to add some of her magic on keys
and whatever else she is inspired to do.

that's the cast of characters. we're trying to stay true to the songs and
not overload em with junk. i am going to be keeping everyone out there up on
our progress with little video up dates. sullie filmed this first one and i
put it together with help from the ol' imovie. in this footage we are
working on the arrangements and tracking for two of emily's songs- "run" and
"lay my head down"

our target finish date is may 31st; we'll see what happens...more later.

4-29-06  <-----
here is the link from the website.  y'all can watch the video here

ok, i watched the videos she put up - why have i heard those two esal songs
before?  soundcheck?  anyone else?

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