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  [ig-news] amy quoted in today's boston globe             []


date: sun, 16 apr 2006 09:27:10 -0400
subject: [ig-news] amy quoted in today's boston globe

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

in the arts and entertainment section, there's an article about pink's new cd
(starting on the front page and cont. on pg.6 under the title "protest singers")

amy's part is as follows:

but now many pop artists are making themselves heard once again.  amy ray, who
along with her indigo girls partner, emily saliers backs pink on the new song
"dear mr. president," isn't surprised by the sudden spate of new protest songs.

"what i'm surprised about is that there can be such low approval ratings and
such a cultural outcry against bush and he can just keep doing what he does,"
says ray.  "we can talk about it and write songs about it and show up at marches
and nothing's really changing."

what would amy do?
if only...


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