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  [ig-news] united methodist women and emily  ["pam myers-morgan" <pmyersmor]


date: fri, 24 mar 2006 05:41:11 -0800
from: "pam myers-morgan" <>
subject: [ig-news] united methodist women and emily

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at  not entirely nws, but...]

  on days like this one, it's hard for me to keep being a methodist :-(  at
least my congregation (northaven united methodist church in dallas) is a member
of the reconciling ministries and is openly and aggessively working to change
the church from within, but this kind of narrow-minded attack just leaves me
  pam in big d

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  from: micaela k. wood
  to: micaela k. wood
  sent: thursday, march 23, 2006 8:05 pm
  subject: um women and indigo girls

    i recently received this message from the reconciling ministries network
about some fellow united methodists who are attempting to dis-invite emily
saliers and her father, theologian don saliers, from speaking at an um womens
event. if you feel so inclined, please feel free to act by contacting the woman
  stop attempt to dis-invite indigo girl and father from umw assembly
  renew, the women's arm of the conservative good (sic) news movement, has
started a campaign through their newsletter to urge the women's division of the
umc to dis-invite don saliers and emily saliers from the united methodist
women's assembly. they are asking the right-wing to write letters and emails to
dr. jan love, ceo of the women's division, and want to prohibit emily and don
from being keynote speakers solely on the basis that emily lives openly as a
  rmn urges you to write emails to keep the saliers scheduled appearance to dr.
jan love (
  the rev. dr. don e. saliers is a professor of theology and worship at candler
school of theology of emory university. he is very well respected not just as a
scholar, but as a church musician. he is an elder in the umc and has contributed
greatly to our book of worship, as well as our denominational and ecumenical
movements of liturgical renewal.
  emily saliers is half of the folk-rock group, the indigo girls. she is don's
daughter. emily has been an activist for many social causes, including lgbt
issues, peace issues, the environment, democracy in mexico, gun control, global
health issues, nuclear issues and more.
  jossey-bass recently published a book co-written by don and emily entitled, "a
song to sing, a life to live: reflections on music as spiritual practice". they
have presented at the national cathedral and will present this summer at the
first annual "growing in the spiritual life" conference. together they wrote a
chapter in "way to live," a great book about spiritual practices written for
  write to demand that renews prejudiced attempt to exclude good programming be
  act now:
  email jan love today at; forward this information to others
and ask them to respond by wednesday, march 29.
  other contact information:
  dr. janice love
  chief executive officer
  womens division
  475 riverside drive
  new york, ny 10115;
  participate in a reconciling witness at the umw assembly! rmn board member
faith buss is calling for all reconciling ministries network and parent's
reconciling network supporters who will be attending the united methodist
women's assembly in anaheim, california, may 4-7, 2006 to: come, wear your
"reconciling stole", help pass out literature, and be part of our visible
reconciling presence! contact faith buss at or 612-825-8386
for more information and to offer support.
  micaela k. wood

  pam myers-morgan
echo theatre, producing partner

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