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  [ig-news] sf fillmore night 1 fri. 1/27/06        []


date: sun, 5 feb 2006 01:15:36 est
subject: [ig-news] sf fillmore night 1 fri. 1/27/06

[sherlyn's note: this is an excerpt of a message which was originally sent to
the indigo girls mailing list at]

note:  i wrote this while still in ca, last  sunday, but i wrote it on my
laptop, and i've yet to use it online.

both nights were fabulous  shows.  they were hands down the  best ig shows
i've seen in the past four years.  [...]
friday night, they opened with  yield.  it's one of my
favorite amy  songs in recent years.  i'm glad she  seems to like it as much
as i do, playing it most every night.  i still don't know who she's talking  
about.  (do any of you?)  [...]
next up was a heartfelt rendition of  it's alright followed by the
enthusiastically received  devotion.
then came fill it up again, which i  find to be a really fascinating melding
of the personal and the  political.
then ozilline, which i know amy  really loves, but has never done much for
the surprise appearance of love's  recovery was one of the evening's
highlights for me.  it's such a beautifully written  song.  and in an odd way, i
appreciate it even more as i age.  i  did, however, miss being outside for it.
there's nothing quite like being in the awesome natural majesty of red  rocks
when hearing "like specks of dust, we're universal."  thank you, emily.
shame on you was the rousing crowd  pleaser, as always.
same with power of two, which is  especially fun to hear when my sweetie is
with me.
dairy queen has been another  favorite of amy's in recent years, and like
ozilline, i don't "get it."  there are literally dozens of amy songs  i'd rather
then came woodsong, which seems to  have been around a lot in the past few
years.  i really love the lines, "but what it  takes to cross the great divide /
seems more than all the courage i can muster  up inside."  other than that, i
do  like it, but not as much as some other emily songs from rites.  
go kicked ass, as it always  does.  i'm glad that one has become  a
perennial.  i am confounded,  however, that they chose to do it acoustic, rather
with the band.  more on that  later.
deconstruction of love was another  nice surprise.  it's not a favorite,  but
i haven't heard it in a while, and i like it more than most of the material  
on that album.
let me go easy had particular  emotional resonance, as it was written about a
friend who had lived in san  francisco.
get out the map was not the crowd  pleaser that it usually is.  [...]
what was a big crowd pleaser,  however, was amy pulling out scooter boys.  
another "not a favorite" of mine, but the crowd was stoked, and it was a  strong
peformance.  amy really  wailed on it.
closer to fine was its usual  enjoyable self.  nothing more.  nothing less.  
trina from 3 5 h joined in, singing "i  stopped by the bar..."
then they added a couple of songs  that were not on the setlist.  as  many of
you know, the set list will often have a slot simply labeled "amy  solo."  
this one didn't, but she did  johnny rotten, anyway.  [...]
by request, they also added virginia  woolf.  that was a lovely  suprise.  
moment of forgiveness was a nice  surprise.  it's a little bit simple,  but
i've always liked both the sound and the feel of it, not to mention that it  
seems like it's been a while since i've heard it.
lastly, galileo.  like ctf, it was its usual enjoyable  self.  [..]
by the way, i've neglected to  mention that the lovely julie wolf played
keyboards with them throughout the  night.  she was a nice  addition.
then for the encore, the entire  3 5 h band joined then on stage.  it was
sooooo good to see them with the  band.  for so many years, i was  accustomed to
them regularly vascillating between duo shows and band shows.  i never really
had a preference for one  or the other.  i liked them both,  and i liked the
variety.  but i  think it's been five or six years now of all duo, no band.  
i've found myself really missing the  band and wanting them to rock out.  it was
great to see them be part of a rock band, even for just three  songs.  and
i'm not the only  one.  it's clear that they were both  getting off on it,
especially amy.
they started with trouble.  another "not a favorite" of mine from my  least
favorite album, but hey, it was electric guitar and rock and roll.  life was
good.  [...]
then tether, yet another non-fave of  mine.  some good political  commentary,
but still not a fave.
then to close the night, they pulled  out midnight train to georgia.  
fabulous.  3 5 h were a great  match for it.  it was definitely a  highlight of
in conclusion, it was not a great  set list from my perspective, but it was a
great performance in a great venue  with a great crowd.  it felt  good.
and best of all, they finally  addressed my #1 complaint about them.  they
played more.  [...]  tonight was a
respectable 23 songs.  i don't know if they've been playing  longer all tour and
i just haven't noticed, or if it's a new thing.  whatever.  i was diggin' it.  
unlike amy, i think that when it comes  to ig shows, more is better.  
maybe i should write about night two  in a separate email.
hope you had fun  reading.

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