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  [ig-news] sf fillmore night 2 sat. 1/28/06        []


date: sun, 5 feb 2006 01:16:23 est
subject: [ig-news] sf fillmore night 2 sat. 1/28/06

[sherlyn's note: this is an excerpt of a message which was originally sent to
the indigo girls mailing list at]

night two at the fillmore was the  final night of the leg.  all the  same
people were in the front.  same  opening set.  same comments as  yesterday.  
strengths.  same flaws.
tonight they opened with fill it up  again.  it was a good, musically  upbeat
opener.  both that and yield  made suprisingly good openers, imo.  i've also
always thought shame on you would be a great opener.  have they ever started a
show with  it?
heartache for everyone was kind of  fun, but a little flat.
get out the map was much better than  the night before.  i'm not sure why,  
but it was.
then, one of the nicest suprises of  the evening - world falls.  love  that
song.  that's another one  that's even better outdoors (nature references are
just like that), but it was  great, nontheless.  i'd also love to  hear hand me
downs from that album some time.
and how wonderful to have it be  followed by let it be me.  it's a  crying
shame that 14 years later, we have another bush president and the content  is as
meaningful as it was when she wrote it.  still, what a great song it is.  
also, it was fun to have them sing  "common woman."  while i'm sure that  others
have brought it up since, i remember a&e being genuinely shocked when  i
interviewed them 13 years ago and brought up sexist language in their  writing.  
it's been fun to see them  regroup around it.
starckeville was good.  not a favorite of  mine.
hammer and a nail was a particularly  good rendition.  i don't like it  
nearly as much as watershed or 10k wars, but it was a really, really good  
land of canaan.  what's to say?  great song.  great performance.  fucking
power of two, its usually charming  self.
yield.  i already spoke my piece yesterday.  loved it.  always.
ghost was a nice surprise.  definitely some powerful lines in that  one.  do
they ever play love will  come to you?
go was pretty much the same.  if i didn't know they had a band there,  it
would've been fine.  but thinking  that they could be playing it with the band,
instead, definitely diluted its  impact.  it would be sooooo good  with the
band?  why tether with the  band and not go?
closer to fine was with trina  again.  same same.  all good.
dairy queen.  same comments as  yesterday.
our deliverance was a powerful  piece.  not a personal favorite, but  the
political war commentary certainly carried emotional  resonance.
next up was another highlight of the  evening.  by popular request, amy  did
romeo and juliet.  she was so  cute.  it's apparently been a long  time since
she played it.  she  needed to take a few minutes to run through it under her
breath before  starting.  she told everyone that  she might not remember the
words and that we should sing along and help  her.  that part wasn't a  
problem.  from the opening note, the  crowd was all over it.  while it was  
great to
hear her do it, much like the last time i saw her pull it out of the  closet,
i was a bit disappointed to not have the passionate, angstful version of  days
past.  both that last time and  this time, she performed it in a more mature,
easy going, almost good humoured  manner.  not that that was bad.  it was
charming and warm.  however, i did miss the grit of how she  used to do it.  
way through,  however, she did find that voice.  that's when it really picked
up for me.  all in all, it was a great  suprirse.  now if only she'd bring  
out lucystoners and joking...
woodsong made the cut two days in a  row.  
then the ever popular  chickenman.  not a fave of mine, but  i must confess
that this was a particularly strong performance.  maybe the best i've ever
seen.  i've long said that i prefer it  acoustic.  but tonight was really,  
tight.  they were just locked  in.  it was cool.  
then the rest was the same.  they closed the regular set with  galileo, plus
the same three encore songs (trouble, tether, and midnight  train).  it was
another great  show.  it was a much stronger set  list, imo.  the show, however,
was  two songs shorter.  :-(  more.  i want more.
thanks to everyone who was there and  who made it such fun!

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