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date: thu, 26 jan 2006 11:00:58 +1100
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] chico show review

hey folks,

it's been quiet on the concert review front lately, so i thought i'd forward
this article, a review of the chico show.  you can read it online at:


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indigo girls bring folk tunes with southern touch
the folk-pop duo from georgia played an intimate show with fellow atlanta group
three5human as the opening act saturday night at laxson auditorium
by: monica unhold
issue date: 1/24/06

amid adoring catcalls, two voices combined with soaring harmonies and acoustic
guitar with a message of peace and tolerance.

singer-songwriters amy ray and emily saliers of indigo girls used their simple
sound and eloquent lyrics to translate political beliefs into song saturday
night in laxson auditorium.

the band's folk songs are tinged with a southern rock influence derived from its
roots in dekalb county, ga., where the two met in elementary school.

early in the performance, it became clear the band's distinctive sound comes in
part from its use of different instruments. after every song, a technician
brought the two a variety of stringed instruments, including guitars and

indigo girls played its instruments with such enthusiasm that at one point ray
broke a string on her mandolin, both to her surprise and the audience's.

"whoa! that doesn't happen very often," she said with a chuckle.

but within 30 seconds, a freshly tuned mandolin appeared from backstage, and the
two played from where they had left off.

although the auditorium was filled with about 800 people, indigo girls made its
performance feel as intimate as if it were held in a small cafi. ray and saliers
responded graciously to audience members' catcalls and indulged enthusiastic
song requests shouted from the back rows of the auditorium.

"galileo," a song featuring catchy lyrics about the laws of motion, was the most
popular request, which indigo girls decided to play after a few moments of

"i'm afraid there's not enough wiggle room in here for that song," ray said.

but the audience did not seem to mind the lack of space in the hall. people
swayed along to the music and danced in the aisles.

another crowd favorite was the sweet love song, "power of two."

for its encore, indigo girls brought out opening band three5human, with whom it
performed three songs in a rougher rock 'n' roll style.

earlier in the evening, three5human proved to be a big hit with the audience.
lead singer trina meade explained that the name of the all-black band comes from
the historic three-fifths compromise, which counted only three-fifths of the
southern slave population for voting and tax purposes. by the end of the band's
performance, the entire audience was on its feet clapping in time.

indigo girls has been together for more than 25 years. and the band won a grammy
in 1989 for best contemporary folk recording.

the band's current tour is a promotional run for its newly released album,
"rarities," a compilation of unreleased songs and covers. the first song on the
album is a cover of the clash's "clampdown." the song is especially important to
ray for whom the clash's lyrics have been an inspiration.

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