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hi everyone,

here's an article from southern voice.  you can read it online at:


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music |

despite their differences
indigo girls come together on new label for 12th studio album

by bo shell
sep. 01, 2006

it=92s been two years since indigo girls amy ray and emily saliers joined=
for a studio album. but for their 12th offering, =93despite our differences,=94=
two have seamlessly bridged the time lapse, coming together from their very=
and very separate lives as one forceful musical duo, still going strong=
after 20
years in the business.

lucky atlanta fans had the chance to hear some of the new tunes on aug. 31=
sept. 1, when indigo girls headlined back-to-back benefit nights at eddie=92s=

attic. as a testament to their enduring popularity among hometown fans, the=

shows at the small decatur venue sold out in roughly 16 minutes, according=
owner bob ephlin.

the 13-track album, set for release sept. 19, denotes a shift away from=
girls=92 tightly wound vocal stylings toward a more off-the-cuff feel, and=
from their standard recording methods.

>from their opening song =93pendulum swinger,=94 to their first single =93little
perennials,=94 and their most traditionally indigo track =93last tears,=94 the=
feels simpler, more open, even more in-your-face than previous efforts.

the sound is less produced, more raw, an effect that comes in part from the=
that the lesbian duo recorded most of the album live in one room, as opposed=
working with separate tracks and combining them after they=92re laid down.

ray says the =93freshness, the energy=94 of the album has to do in part with=
trek to santa monica, where for the first time they recorded with producer
mitchell froom, who=92s worked previously with paul mccartney, sheryl crow and=

bonnie raitt, alongside mixer david boucher and new drummer matt=

also inspiring their sound, ray says, was their punctuated time in the=
usually working over a period of three months, =93differences=94 was recorded in=

just four weeks.

=93i think the time element of working fast was a big thing to me,=94 says ray,=
wrote six of the album=92s tracks. =93it made us not labor too much over=
for me, my feeling was just that it=92s better that way sometimes because we=
take so long, sometimes that takes the heart right out of it.=94

heart is certainly not some-thing the indigo girls lack. even through their=

hectic schedules, they collaborate before recording to arrange their=
songs and choose which ones make the final cut.

one of those tracks, =93rock and roll heaven=92s gate,=94 features singer pink,=
invited ray and saliers to perform on a track on her most recent album. like=

many of the other tracks, =93heaven=92s gate=94 is driven by an up-tempo rock beat=

that=92s very concert-friendly =97 and very amy ray.

ray was the first of the pair to venture off for a solo career and insists=
her solo work =97 albums =93stag=94 (2001) and =93prom=94 (2005), released on her own=

label, daemon records =97 only helps the duo when they join.

=93what makes the music more magical is the partnership of it and that it=
into one voice,=94 ray says. =93in order to keep doing that, i need to have=
things going just to bring in other flavors to my creativity =85 it gives me a=

chance to get my ya-yas out.=94

saliers says she=92s been planning a solo album for at least at year, but has=
trouble making the time to complete a solo effort, which she hopes will have=
=93head-bobbing vibe,=94 a shift away from the trademark indigo feel.

changes in studio personnel and recording styles are just a part of the
behind-the-scenes differences the girls faced this go-round of recording, as=

their last studio album as a pair, 2004=92s =93all that we let in,=94 was their=
obligation to epic records.

ray and saliers say leaving epic, their label since 1988, was a mutual=
with the sony music subsidiary, because their contract was up and executives=

weren=92t particularly interested in signing another agreement =97 perhaps
struggling to figure out what they=92d do with a very political, very queer=
folk duo.

=93we just ran our course with them,=94 saliers says. =93we were with them a long=
and there was no energy behind us from them. there were some empty promises=
stuff, so there was a time for a change.=94

hollywood records, a west coast label parented by the walt disney company,
piqued the girls=92 interest, even with its ties to a family-oriented

=93we tried to go as indie as possible, but that was the hardest part, signing=

with an indie label owned by a huge corporation,=94 saliers says. =93hollywood
[records] is packed with renegade music people who are all about the music,=
we hope to continue our career, make the records we want to make, and expand=
fans base =85 i think we=92re going to do that.=94

after two decades, the duo that met in a dekalb county elementary school=
they plan to continue making music together for years to come =97 despite=

ray, in a relationship of three and a half years, says she wants kids one=
while saliers, in a relationship of 12 years, isn=92t interested in starting=
own family, as she=92s particularly satisfied with the strong nuclear family=
bevy of nieces and nephews that surround her.

but despite their varied life choices and song writing styles, both saliers=
ray say their formula for success is not to be altered, as they=92ve long=
their ability to keep on driving, even if they=92re going in separate=

=93we=92re friends,=94 saliers says, =93and sometimes we end up at the same social
events, but we=92re like family in the fact that we can have respect for the
separation of our lives.=94

=a9 2006 the southern voice | a window media publication

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subject:      sovo blog re first eddie's attic show
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hi kids,

here's an entry from the sovo blog about the first benefit show at eddie's. =
can read it online at:


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sovo blog
'thanks, y'all'

thursday night proved once again two truths about atlanta's infamous=
music scene: there's no better way to see hometown favorites indigo girls=
in a small venue, and there's no better small venue in the city than eddie's=


there=92s simply nothing like seeing a show at the attic, the infamous decatur=

club that is renewing its commitment to providing a "listening atmosphere"=
singer-songwriters under new owner bob ephlin. the best part - you can be=
inches away from amy ray and emily saliers as they walk around the music=
talking to friends and fans and generously posing for pictures before taking=

you also have easy viewing access to everyone attending the show, which on=

thursday included lesbian decatur city commissioner kecia cunningham and her=

friends, who were lucky enough to snag one of the prized tables just feet=
from the stage.

indigo girls performed for a sold-out crowd aug. 31 as a fundraiser for=
and fellow musician janet mclaughlin, who lives in nashville but is=
in local music circles. in addition to playing with indigo girls on numerous=

occasions, mclaughlin has peformed with artists such as emmylou harris,=
cash, john hartford and john prine.

but thursday night was the first performance for mclaughlin, who played a=
set, since she suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage (bleeding between the=
membrane covering of the brain and the brain itself) in december 2005. the=
- which also included sets by matthew kahler, sandra mccracken, and trina=
tomi from three5human - raised money to help cover her medical expenses.

"my guitar was part of my healing, and my friends and family ... it was=
just a
very humbling experience," mclaughlin said.

indigo girls took the stage a little after 10 p.m. following an=
from eddie owen, founder of the venue. "there wouldn't be an eddie's attic
without emily saliers and amy ray," owen said.

the lesbian folk-rock duo wasted no time in setting the tone for their
performance, inviting trina and mclaughlin to join them as they opened with=

their classic =93closer to fine" - kicking off an intimate, 40-minute set of=
new tunes and old favorites.

saliers' "closer to fine," from the duo's first major-label album (1988's
"indigo girls"), was followed by ray donning harmonica and mandolin for=
queen," from 2004's "all that we let in."

they then launched into four songs from their new album, "despite our
differences," due out sept. 19: "pendulum swinger," "three county highway,"=
my head down" and "little perennials."

the new songs, while given a stripped-down treatment on the new cd, shone=
more on the attic's small stage, allowing audiences to quickly connect with=
emotionally and politically charged messages despite their unfamiliarity.

"thanks for indulging us on the new stuff - we just really feel like=
it, you know?" saliers told the crowd.

but fans really lit up when saliers asked a question familiar to all=
of indigo girls shows: "y'all feel like singing?"

the duo often stood back from their microphones, letting the audience sing=
two old favorites, "galileo" from 1992's "rites of passage," and "kid=
from "indigo girls," with trina singing the part originally performed by=
michael stipe on the album.

as usual, their harmonies were perfect. and the chorus of the crowd hit all=
right notes as well, a standard for any indigo girls concert. after playing=

close to an hour, the girls thanked the audience, which launched into an
immediate and thunderous ovation. they returned to the stage for one encore,=
moving =93ghost=94 from their =93rites of passage=94 album.

a second show on friday, sept. 1, also sold-out, will benefit the georgia
network to end sexual assault, an organization founded in 1982 that works to=

support sexual assault centers and service providers.

indigo girls are also scheduled to play two shows at the tabernacle in=
on oct. 5-6.

(by laura douglas-brown and dyana bagby)

posted by laura douglas-brown, editor for the southern voice| sep. 1 at 2:00=

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steve irwin was killed this morning. he was just off the coast of australia (doing something i don't know what) but he was attacked and stung in the heart by a sting ray....and he couldn't have been more than 40 years old, you know? it's really really sad, he leaves behind
his wife terri, who was the camera woman for his show, and daughter bindi.

i'm so sad because it's such a tragic loss of life for someone as caring
and as involved in saving the environment the way he was, you were quite a dare devil showman steve....guess it got ya this time.


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the presale for radio city music hall on 10/13 is on sale through the ig
website - right now!

good luck!


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