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date: wed, 14 sep 2005 08:16:41 +1000
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subject: [ig-news] review from the lexington herald-leader

hey folks,

here's a concert review from the lexington herald-leader.  maybe it's  because
i just woke up, but i can't really tell if this guy enjoyed  the show or
not... heh...

- -sherlyn

- ---begin forwarded article---

indigo girls color their rock music with shades of folk

by walter tunis
contributing music critic

don't let the guitars, mandolins and homespun harmonies fool you. for  all its
folky aptitude, last night's sold-out concert by the indigo  girls at the
kentucky theatre was very much a rock show -- a festival,  even.

you had earnest fans amassed on both sides of the stage, standing and
cheering for shame on you, get out the map and a crisp encore version  of
galileo -- all of which, admittedly, are among the more
rhythmically inviting creations in the 17-year recording catalog of  amy ray
and emily saliers.

then there were those who sat patiently, listened attentively and  perhaps
hummed a bar or two to themselves during starker fare,
including jonas and ezekiel and ghost, the latter of which sounded
otherworldly indeed as saliers' singing melted into an atmospheric  wail.

you could find numerous other traits of a rock festival roaming about  in the
theater crowd as well -- from fans who stood and roared when a  favorite hit
was played but sat and chatted at sometimes distracting  length with friends
during any musical moment that was unfamiliar.  shoot, there was even a couple
smooching in the theater aisle --
during the ominous kid fears, no less.

engineering folk-flavored acoustics to the needs of a festival-savvy  crowd is
nothing new to ray and saliers. last night, they struck a  balance between
folky introspection and rockish drive at the outset of  the 90-minute set.
perhaps that's because the two act as ambassadors  of each world. ray is the
deep-throated rocker, while saliers served  as the more plaintive balladeer.

those are broad character assessments, of course. there were
instances, as on the feisty cold beer and remote control, when their
divergent influences blended especially well. also, if saliers was the
folkier of the two, how come her stage wardrobe last night included a  black
ac/dc shirt? but as ray stormed through the rugged go and
saliers sailed through the sunny stride of power of two, there was  little
doubt as to where their stylistic allegiances stood.

ironically, the two made their joint entrance last night not in the
unaccompanied acoustics that dominated their set, but in a blaze of
electricity during the finale of an opening performance by
atlanta-based soul-rockers three5human. saliers had made a cameo
appearance with the band earlier in the evening.

fronted by singer trina meade, whose vocals blended blues bravado with  a
garage-rock edge, three5human proved a major hit with the crowd. but  at an
hour, their set was way too long -- especially considering the  increasingly
static nature of the jagged grooves at work behind meade.  it's better instead
to keep the fans you may make as an opening act  hungry for more than testing
the patience of the remaining crowd that  plucked down $40 to hear the

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