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hey folks,

here's an article from the lexington herald-leader.  you can read it  online at:


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posted on sun, sep. 11, 2005

their soul gets it right
sold-out sing-alongs await indigo girls at every stop
by walter tunis
contributing music writer

a sing-along is nothing uncommon at a pop or folk concert. but you've  never
really experienced just how involved an audience can be with a  show until you
see the indigo girls perform.

during previous lexington outings at memorial coliseum and the
singletary center for the arts, there was hardly a song on which the  audience
didn't interact on some level with singers amy ray and emily  saliers. to have
a crowd singing along to such indigo chestnuts as  closer to fine and land of
canaan might not have been much of a
surprise. but comparatively newer works such as collecting you? the  more
brutish go? or even a decades-old folk anthem like finlandia? the  crowds sang
along to all of them as though they were radio hits.

"our audience is really special," ray said before the 2003 singletary
performance. "one night, emily was having some vocal problems and was  losing
her voice. we knew somebody in the crowd wanted to hear power  of two (a
saliers tune from the 1994 indigos album swamp ophelia), but  it was just
going to be out of her range. so we just played it, and  the audience sang the
whole song, from top to bottom. it was just  stunning.

"that makes you realize the experience is not just about us. it's  about us
and the audience together. it's a mutual give-and-take. we  can't do it
without them, and they can't do it without us. that's a  community, right

expect a similar sense of audience-artist camaraderie on monday when  ray and
saliers play a sold-out concert at the kentucky theatre. the  show is part of
a monthlong tour that will conclude the duo's
performance schedule for 2005. but ray will be back in town in october  with
her other band, the volunteers, to show off the more punkish  music she
indulges in outside the indigos.

for now, there is no new indigos album to promote outside of a sampler  of
cover tunes, remixes and live performances issued in june as
rarities. it also includes finlandia, an update of ramblin' round with  ani
difranco and reworkings of tunes by the clash, elton john and  grateful dead.

but when the duo reconvenes to record in the spring, they may explore  new
options for marketing their work. since their major label debut  album, 1989's
indigo girls, ray and saliers have recorded for just one  label: sony-based
epic. but as far back as the singletary show, when  their contractual
obligations to the company were nearly complete, ray  expressed an interest in
the indigos becoming, as they were at the  duo's inception, an indie act.

"i don't know why epic hasn't dropped us by now," ray said at the  time.
"definitely, album sales go down for us over time. so we will  probably go the
independent route because major labels are becoming so  much more
pop-oriented. initially, i think they pushed the newness of  us. it was a time
where women playing acoustic music were getting this  notice. we also had
prominent friends like (fellow georgians) r.e.m.  helping us out.

"but that kind of luck isn't the only thing that brings your career
consistency. you muscle through the luck and the unlucky times in the  same
way. really, emily and i exist outside of all that stuff. we work  on our
songs and try to become better musicians, regardless of what  label we're on
or where we're playing. we're able to operate outside  of all that. and that's
a good thing."

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