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  [ig-news] the weekend's shows + rarities  ["linda napikoski" <napikoski@gm]
  [ig-news] fyi:  ms. amy ray on air america radio this sunday  ["manivone s]


date: wed, 15 jun 2005 23:23:59 -0400
from: "linda napikoski" <>
subject: [ig-news] the weekend's shows + rarities

[sherlyn's note: this is an excerpt of a message which was originally sent to
the indigo girls mailing list at]

well i went to hampton beach, nh & hyannis, ma & northampton, ma &
burlington, vt. definitely burlington was the best of the four.
it was like at last on tuesday in burlington i found that longed for
energy. [...]
anyway, some of the high points for me were: i love the "girls play here"
tank top i bought, i loved hearing ozilline and let me go easy multiple
times. i *like* those songs. they talked about the rarities album each show.
at burlington, their wonderful chatty energy show, after winthrop, amy and
the guitars came back onstage. as they were getting situated, emily talked
about it for a while, "we have a new album tracks..." etc. then she said, "it's on
sale out in the lobby. and, that's the end of that." at first i thought -
the end of talking about the album? the end of playing songs from it? (as
they had played let me go easy as well by this point). amy, too, was
apparently confused, as she said, "the end of what?" emily said, "the end of
our contract with epic." amy was like, "oh, that! yeah. that's over. that's
a whole other story." and emily said, "a long ass story..." maybe i'm
confusing which one said "long ass" and which said "whole other" but anyway
it was funny.
emily also jokingly referred to herself as a "fuckin' hippie" after
winthrop. man, they were in such good moods in burlington. amy sang the
praises of burlington, its chill attitude, its bike path, etc. and the best
best best part, which has now become my top indigo concert moment of all
time, was when someone shouted out something, i think the title of an ac/dc
song (like, as a request, ha ha) and emily said, "hey, tomi [three5human
guy] just taught me that riff" and then she did her imitation of said riff,
with a "baumchikabaumbaum" type sound, the fingering, etc., totally into it.
that would have been fun enough but she proceeded to say, "y'all, i saw them
live. i was like..." and then she did the whole metal headbanger index
finger/pinkie finger thing and totally rocked forward and back demonstrating
her headbanging prowess and concluded, "it was awesome!" holy cow.
brilliant! i also think it may have been the most animated i have seen emily
ever. i loved it.
so...yeah. i agree that three 5 human is a great band; i like their
political style and their energy and their groove. trina was great doing her
part in closer to fine. she sang, "i was cloudy as i'd been the night
before" in hampton beach and hyannis but then in northampton and burlington
sang, "i was twice as cloudy..." and did a hand sign of "2" (looks like
'peace') to emily at that point as if to say, "i got the lyrics right."
someone requested world falls in northampton and amy said, "that's a good
idea. burlington!" and they did make good on that promise, which thrilled
me. they also played kid fears and prince of darkness in burlington. trina
meade reappeared to sing the michael stipe part on kid fears and it was
the only setlist i wrote down was friday's hampton beach casino ballroom.
also it is misleading the way the saturday hyannis show setlist at cape cod
melody tent is listed on the site. land of canaan and vwoolf were part of
the "regular show" -- i think it was going into vw that they said normally
after this we'd leave and come back but we won't, etc.
anyway, here is friday hampton beach in order:
hammer & a nail
fill it up again
power of two
dairy queen (sang "just enough of me in you" with a smile)
let it be me ("strain of the comman woman", sung with lyric that way in
northampton also)
faye tucker
get out the map
driver education
closer to fine
cold beer and remote control
least complicated
shame on you
virginia woolf
encore: land of canaan
good times,

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date: thu, 16 jun 2005 18:30:12 -0400
from: "manivone sivilay" <>
subject: [ig-news] fyi:  ms. amy ray on air america radio this sunday

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

i just heard a commercial for steve earle's show "the revolution
starts now" on aar.  his guest this sunday will be amy ray of indigo
girls.  the show is 10-11 pm et (north american time).

i have been listening via stream because i don't live in the following
cities ( ):

albany/corvallis, or - kthh 990 am
albuquerque, nm - kabq 1350 am
albuquerque-santa fe, nm - kkit 1340 am
denver, co - kkzn 760 am
eugene, or - kopt 1600 am
los angeles, ca - ktlk 1150 am
phoenix, az - kxxt 1010 am
portland, or - kpoj 620 am
reno, nv - kjfk 1230 am
riverside, ca - kcaa 1050 am
sacramento, ca - ksac 1240 am
santa barbara, ca - kist 1340 am
san diego, ca - 1360 am klsd
san luis obispo, ca - 1340 am kyns
san francisco, ca - 960 am kqke
santa fe, nm - kvsf 1400 am
seattle, wa - 1090 am kptk
south lake tahoe, nv - ktho 590 am
spokane, wa - kptq 1280 am

akron, oh - wjmp 1520 am
ann arbor, mi - wlby 1290 am
austin, tx - koke 1600 am
chicago, il - wcpt 850 am
cincinnati, oh - wcky 1530 am
cleveland, oh - wtam 1100 am
columbus, oh - wtpg 1230 am
corpus christi, tx - kcct 1150 am
dallas, tx - kxeb 910 am
davenport, ia - wkbf 1270 am
detroit, mi - wdtw 1310 am
madison, wi - wxxm 92.1 fm
memphis, tn - wwtq 680 am
minneapolis, mn - ktnf 950 am
minneapolis-st. paul, mn - wwwi 1270 am
petoskey, mi - wwkk 750 am
san antonio, tx - krpt 92.5 fm
youngstown, oh - wanr 'the pulse' 1570 am

asheville, nc - wpek 880 am
atlanta, ga - wwaa 1690 am
binghamton, ny - talk 1360 am
boston, ma - wkox 1200 am and wxks 1430 am
brattleboro, vt - wkvt 1490 am
chapel hill, nc - wchl 1360 am
charleston, sc - wltq 730 am
columbia, sc - woic 1230 am
key west, fl - wkiz 1500 am
miami, fl - winz 940 am
new haven, ct - wavz 1300 am
new york city - wlib 1190 am
northampton, ma - whmp 1400 am
philadelphia, pa - what 1340 am
plattsburgh, ny/burlington, vt - wtwk 1070 am
portland, me - wlvp 870 am
poughkeepsie, ny - wkze 1020 am
providence, ri - whjj 920 am
rochester, ny - wroc 950 am
washington d.c. - wwrc 1260 am
west palm beach, fl - wjno 1290 am

alaska and hawaii
anchorage, ak - kudo 1080 am
honolulu, hi - kumu 1500 am
kauai, hi - kqng 570 am
maui, hi - kaoi 1110 am

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