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  [ig-news] re: hyannis review and northampton, too        []


date: wed, 15 jun 2005 09:13:59 -0400
subject: [ig-news] re: hyannis review and northampton, too

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when amy and emily play without a band, the show seems much shorter.  i tried to remember what they sung and i know i'm missing a few songs but here's the list (not in order) for each show:

they sang "tether" with three5human both nights and in northampton, emily also sang a song with them about jenny(don't know title).

hyannis   6/11                                                 northampton 6/12

yield*                                                      * starred songs also done here
fill it up*
starkville*                                                    plus:  devotion:)
land of canaan (great guitar playing!)                        everything in it's own time
power of 2*                                                          rodeo (solo)
gone again*                                                          ozillene
drivers education (amy's solo)                                   let me go easy
winthrop (emily's solo)*                                           let it be me
ctf (with trina from 35h)*
wood song*
get out the map*
shame on you*

encores done right away
virginia woolf*
heartache for everyone*

did anyone record either show?

i was very impressed with three5human's lead singer both nights.  trina gave so much of herself and i couldn't help but be lifted by her spirit.  watching her dance around the stage was so freeing.  she didn't just do it for the audience:  she connected to her band and had a lot of fun and it was infectious.

she seems to really love amy and emily:  she watched them in the pit at the melody tent(right near where we sat) and had a smile on her face the whole time.

by the end of two shows of with her and ig, i couldn't get much higher without drugs!

great way to start the summer:)

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