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date: tue, 19 apr 2005 09:51:27 +1000
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] northampton show review

hey folks,

here's a review of amy's recent northampton show, from the republican.
if you want to read it online it's at (long url, needs to be all on one line) -

- -sherlyn

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indigo girls' amy ray rocks hard in solo gig
monday, april 18, 2005
by donnie moorhouse

northampton - fronting a new band and eschewing the indigo girls catalog that
has made her famous, amy ray headlined the ballroom upstairs at pearl street
saturday night.

"emily made me promise not to sing 'closer to fine,' without her," ray told the
crowd, referring to her indigo girls partner emily saliers and one of their
signature songs. "besides, it would be like exploiting one of your children."

instead, ray worked up songs from her new solo release "prom" and showed a
grittier rock side that the folk/pop indigo girls rarely embrace.

after serving as her own roadie, carrying out her guitars and adjusting her
microphone, ray opened the show with a solid rocker "put it out for good," and
embarked on a nearly two-hour exploration of love, gender and rebellion.

ray rocked hard with the help of bassist jody bleyle (who also provided
sterling harmonies throughout the night), guitarist lester nuby and drummer
will lochamy.

the running gag throughout the night was what to name the makeshift group.
fans and band members tossed out suggestions like the republicans (prompting
a chorus of boos from the partisan crowd) and the lesbians.

the band seemed to build momentum with each song, playing harder and louder as
they moved through the wonderfully raw "driver education" and the punk-fueled

ray was spitting venom on the fiery "rural faggot" and "lucystoners," offering
a wall-of-sound fury to her three-chords-and-the-truth approach.

bleyle delivered a strong performance, vocally backing ray on "covered for you"
and the follow-up "black heart today."

the band left the stage and ray picked up an acoustic guitar to answer a
request for "rodeo," the only "quiet" song of the night, and donned the
mandolin for "johnny rottentail," a furious rocker.

"this is the part of the show i didn't plan," ray said.

the band returned for the finale, a cutting version of "laramie," and ray
announced that there wouldn't be an encore, because it was the only song left
that the band knew how to play.

the band cordero, fronted by ani cordero and signed to amy ray's independent
daemon records label, opened the show with a 40 minute set.

copyright 2005 all rights reserved.

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