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date: thu, 31 mar 2005 12:32:53 -0800
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subject: [ig-news] st. louis show

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saw the girls at the pageant in st. louis the other night.  as usual, a great show.  i did not care for the opening act, magnapop, but the girls were great.

amy looked awesome as usual, smiling in amazement at everyone singing along.  emily was gorgeous.  she was wearing a black "ac dc back in black" concert t.

emily's voice was in top form.  she sang so high and clear.  she was excellent.

i don't know the entire set list, but here are some of the songs...

least complicated
let it be me (by request) emily dedicated it to george w. and stuck up her middle finger and gestured profoundly several times to the audience.  in the verse that says, "...and the president has no idea who the masses are," she changed it to " bush, you have no idea who the masses are."  then she sang in a very loud voice, almost angrily, "i'm one of them!"
it's alright
chickenman...bitterroot...chickenman (great guitar work by es)
new emily song (es alone on the piano)
new amy song (ar sings alone with guitar)
fill it up again
dairy queen
faye tucker
love's recovery
heartache for everyone
free in you
perfect world
virginia woolfe

i give up...that's all i can remember!

show was great!  girls were wonderful!  the pageant has a lot of background noise because of the "bar situation" in the back.  during some of the quiet songs, i could hear the crowd over the girls and i was only a short distance from the stage, maybe 20 feet. [...]

great show!


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