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date: fri, 04 mar 2005 09:26:52 +1100
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] gainesville times article excerpt

hey folks,

here's an excerpt from an article from georgia's gainesville times, re
amy & emily's appearance at a recent conference there.  you can read
the whole thing online at

- -sherlyn

- ---begin forwarded article---
women urged to speak up for the environment

by debbie gilbert
the times

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a women's conference wednesday in dahlonega made the case for
why our planet often is called "mother earth."

"over the years, i've found that women often make particularly good
advocates," said sally bethea, director of the atlanta-based upper
chattahoochee riverkeeper.

bethea was the keynote speaker at the 10th annual women and
leadership conference, held tuesday and wednesday at north
georgia college & state university.


also appearing at the conference were two women whose voices are
recognized by millions ... but usually when they're singing, not
speaking. emily saliers and amy ray, better known as the folk-rock
duo indigo girls, talked about their work with honor the earth, an
organization that promotes awareness of environmental issues
affecting native americans.

bethea grew up in buckhead; saliers and ray are from decatur. but all
three share a belief that what happens in cities has an impact on the
health of rural areas, and vice versa.


the problem, she said, is that many people don't consider how actions
taken on their own property will affect those who live downstream.

ray made the same point later during her own presentation. "many
native peoples depend on river systems to provide food and to carry
out their sacred traditions," ray said. "when rivers are polluted, they
are (affected) first."

saliers said nearly all environmental problems have a disproportionate
effect on indigenous peoples, whose lives are tied closely to the earth.

"every single proposed dump for high-level nuclear waste is on native
land, and that's just wrong," she said.

saliers talked about the u.s. department of energy's controversial plan
to ship nuclear waste from all over the country to an underground
storage facility at yucca mountain, nev.

"it's been dubbed 'mobile chernobyl,'" she said, noting that yucca
mountain is a sacred site for some native americans.

ray said that while many of the nation's environmental conflicts are
occurring out west, they are relevant to those who live in the
southeast. most of the nuclear power plants here are owned by
southern co., the parent company of georgia power, which is looking
for a place to dispose of its nuclear waste.

saliers and ray stood at podiums on opposite sides of the stage, as if
engaged in a political debate. but instead of point-counterpoint, they
took turns addressing the audience, working in harmony just as they
do when performing.

ray said the indigo girls have done five honor the earth tours all over
north america, combining music with activism. with money raised at
these events, they've been able to allocate more than $800,000 in
grants to about 110 native grassroots groups.

"a lot of these groups are on a shoestring budget, barely able to afford
a fax machine," saliers said.

a couple hours after the panel discussion, the indigo girls performed
an honor the earth benefit concert in the university gym.

"we're happy to be on a college campus, (which is) often the heartbeat
of activism," saliers said.


originally published thursday, march 3, 2005

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