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date: sat, 13 nov 2004 14:15:09 -0500
from: "lynne @listserve" <>
subject: [ig-news] last night in philly

[sherlyn's note: this is an excerpt of a message which was originally
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hey, was anyone else at the keswick theatre in the philly area last
night? i don't regularly check their bbs or website so i hadn't
realized it was their finally stop on this particular tour.

it was a dreary night weather wise (steady cold rain is the
worst,imho) but the atmosphere changed quickly once we were inside the
theatre. the girls were in great spirits, emily especially, was in
great voice. you could hear the strain of the tour on amy's voice at
times most noticeably on "cordova".

three five human (?) was the warm up act and i was bitterly
disappointed it wasn't girlymen that everyone has been raving about.
amy and emily both made appearances with them during their set, amy
doing a passionate version of "tether" that was kick a**!!!

there was a good amount of political talk by both groups which cheered
jordan and i up a bit since we had been hoping that when we went to
this concert we'd be celebrating kerry's win. "our deliverance"
brought me to tears and made me vow to do everything in my power to
help end this war.

the crowd was pretty quiet for the first several songs but eventually
got riled up with "gotm" and then "shame on you"
which ended with 95% of the audience on its feet and dancing. the
girls stroked our philly egos by praising us saying they thought this
was a great audience to play their last show of this tour for. then
they played a cheery version of "least complicated" which is dear to
us in the philly area since they choose the version we sang on from
the recording done at the tower theatre in philly for their "1200
curfews" live cd.

the cherry top of a fantastic show for me was their encore playing
"mona lisas and mad hatters". if you were in the very back right
corner of the audience you might have heard my spontaneous "yes!" when
emily sang "and now i know," when i knew they were finally playing one
of my "wishlist" songs. [...]

i'm not organized enough to keep track of the set list. does anyone
else have one or any thoughts on the show?


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