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date: wed, 10 nov 2004 10:30:31 +1100
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subject: [ig-news] asbury park press article

hey folks,

here's a little article from the asbury park press - you can read it
online at:,21625,1106437,00.html


- ---begin forwarded article---
the unexpected is a constant for indigo girls

published in the asbury park press 11/09/04

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the indigo girls
8 p.m. tomorrow
count basie theatre
99 monmouth st., red bank
(732) 842-9000

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by ed condran

it's been almost 20 years since amy ray and emily saliers formed the indigo
girls. much has changed in the world of music since the southern
vocalists/guitarists broke on the scene, but the indigo girls remain a
constant. fans know what to expect from the pair, who veer from poignant folk,
salier's forte, to gritty rock, ray's specialty.

the indigo's 1999 album "become you" featured moving, dramatic folk music,
while 2002's inspired "come on now social" featured passionate rock 'n' roll.

"we do whatever moves us," saliers said while calling from new haven, conn. "we
each do our own thing well."

each of the indigo's strengths are showcased on the act's latest release, "all
that we let in." ray sounds like she is channeling neil young's crazy horse
throughout the dramatic "tether," and saliers' gorgeous "something real" is a
bittersweet, smart and sensitive track.

"we each did what we do best," saliers said. "we had a lot of fun as well as
creative satisfaction."

coming up with set lists isn't easy for the duo, who will perform wednesday at
the count basie theater in red bank. they have 10 albums' worth of material.

"it's hard to make everyone happy," saliers said. "obviously, you're going to
hear a good bit of the new album when we come to town," saliers said. "we do
take a look at each album and try to figure out what we're going to do to make
a night's worth of music. it's a challenge but touring is still a great deal of
fun. not everything is great but overall it's something that we enjoy a great
deal. we have no problem representing all the points of our career."

an indigo girls show wouldn't be complete without tracks from such consistent
indigo discs as the act's 1989 eponymous release, 1990's "nomad indian saints"
or 1994's "swamp ophelia." each of those projects is a showcase for the duo's
strong harmonic skills and songwriting virtues.

"even though the songs on those albums aren't new they still sound fresh to
us," saliers said. "it's a lot of fun to play them and watch the audience sing
along to the well-worn songs. the fans will be expecting those songs."

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