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  [ig-news] bloomington setlist update    ["anne haines" <>]
  [ig-news] louisville show review    [sherlyn koo <>]
  [ig-news] lansing state journal article  [sherlyn koo <sherlyn@pixelopolis]


date: thu, 14 oct 2004 13:21:29 -0500
from: "anne haines" <>
subject: [ig-news] bloomington setlist update

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo
girls mailing list at]

thanks to joey for the tip on this one -- the unidentified emily solo
from last night's bloomington in set was "here i am," written by tony
arata, most famously covered by patty loveless. lyrics can be found at
and probably elsewhere as well.

it was gorgeous.

- -anne in indiana

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date: fri, 15 oct 2004 10:11:18 +1000
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] louisville show review

hey folks,

here's a review of the louisville show from the louisville scene -
you can read it online at:


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indigo girls with girly man
indigo girls delight adoring crowd
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by randell l. bolton  october 14, 2004
special to the courier-journal
there was a buzz of anticipation in the air tuesday night in whitney hall as a
receptive crowd greeted the indigo girls with rousing applause. the duo, amy
ray and emily saliers, rewarded the faithful with a spirited version of "fill
it up again" from their new release, "all that we let in."

the early part of the show featured the women trading off vocal duties and
guitar licks. highlights included "shame on you," where the crowd stood and
clapped along, and "power of two," where the crowd sang the chorus back to the

the next big moment may have come as a surprise, as the indigo girls welcomed
opening act girly man to the stage for a collaboration on the girls' hit
"closer to fine." the song was met with mighty approval and another sing-along

it must be overwhelming at times to have a crowd sing back a piece of music to
you, and the indigo girls seemed ready to accommodate the passionate crowd in
any way possible. this led, however, to the crowd yelling out requests at
sometimes inappropriate moments. during "love's recovery" the crowd noise
nearly obscured a beautiful moment.

the indigo girls ended the show with a high-energy version of "get out the map"
from the 1997 release "shaming of the sun." they then returned and delivered a
three-song encore that was a true fan's dream: "ghost," "land of canaan," and
"galileo" left an already satiated crowd wanting more.

girly man is a spirited trio that warmed the crowd with a quirky attitude and
amazing harmonies. the group opened with paul simon's "born at the right time,"
which showcased their beautiful voices. a fun moment came during "hey rose,"
when vocalist ty greenstein managed to work in a verse of christina aguilera's
"genie in a bottle."

girly man closed with a mean version of "son of a preacher man." this trio may
just be getting started, but judging by the standing ovation they received they
are well on their way to success.

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date: fri, 15 oct 2004 06:54:09 +1000
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] lansing state journal article

hey folks,

here's the lansing state journal article that karen forwarded
partially before... read the whole thing online at (url should be all
on one line, you may need to cut and paste):


- ---begin forwarded article--
published october 14, 2004
girls' night out
music an-in-hand for georgia's folk-rock mainstay

by robin swartz
lansing state journal

(epic records)
center stage: indigo girls amy ray (left) and amy saliers bring their
folk-rock music to wharton center tonight.


closer to fine
 who: folk-rock duo indigo girls, with opener girlyman
 where: wharton center
 when: 7:30 p.m. today
 tickets: still available: $20-$35 at 432-2000

today, the socially active folk-rock duo the indigo girls reach msu's
wharton center. while it's not billed as a voter awareness concert,
there will be a message of social and political activism.

"i don't think musicians on their own change the world completely, but
it adds up," said amy ray who, with emily saliers, makes up the
grammy- winning duo.

for the indigo girls, activism has long been a part of their musical

"we're instilling confidence in people to do what they're going to
do," ray said by phone from her home in rural georgia.

"we're educating an audience further about something they already care
about," she said.

regular indigo girls concertgoers are used to seeing groups in the
lobby handing out information on topics from gay rights to american
indian issues.

ray and saliers started performing together in the early 1980s while
still in high school in georgia. with more than 20 years, nine studio
albums and years of activism behind them, they remain one of the
folk-rock genre's most enduring acts. their hits include "closer to
fine," "galileo" and "power of two." their latest cd, "all that we let
in," was released in february. up next is a compilation of rarities.

they maintain separate personal lives and rarely see each other when
they're not recording or touring.

as much as she enjoys performing, ray said it's hard to be on the road
a lot. "i have a lot of good friends here," she said of her georgia
home. "my partner is in film school in new york, so we're doing a
double long- distance life. i really miss my seclusion."

diverse fans

ray says the indigo girls' audience is mostly left of center, but they
do have some conservative fans, too.

"they look beyond our politics and listen to the music," she said. "i
don't know if some of those people can be changed, but ... i've talked
with people from our audience who felt one way about gay people or
native american issues, then sitting with gay people (at our concert)
woke them up."

rolling stone calls them a classic duo: "their pristine and luminary
vocal harmonies alone make crowds hoot and holler. each song has a
totally different energy and tension. with their more lighthearted and
witty songs, emily saliers and amy ray play off each other like a
comedic duo. other times, their songwriting and arrangements are so
clever, you would think that the two fight crime on the side."

power of two

"we don't fight," ray said. "we've realized over time we're stronger
as a duo than as single performers. that's the magic. but we also give
each other space and do our own projects to inject creativity back
into the duo."

for ray, that means working on her second solo album. "i haven't told
anyone the title yet," ray said. "it's 'prom,' like the dance. the
songs just feel that way to me. a lot of these songs are about my
experiences in high school and kids i know now, watching them grow
up." it's due out in april on her own label, daemon records. ray said
saliers is working on demos and writing music.

creative balance

as well as they blend vocally, ray and saliers are polar opposites
musically. ray's tastes lean toward more raw, introspective, socially
charged music with punk influences; saliers draws on gentler
influences - think joni mitchell.

"amy drives me to be more driving in my music at certain points,"
saliers said of ray in an interview on the 2000 ep "cold beer and
remote control." "i live and play through her songs and i want to do
some of that myself. ... for me, it's like having a whole other
musical life that i couldn't create myself."

"what (emily) brings is this ability to tap into that kind of
'everyperson' sentiment," ray said on the ep. "she can come up with
one line that sums it up for a lot of people at one time. and i know
what that line's gonna be when i hear the song for the first time. i'm
like, 'that's the line that everybody's gonna sing.' it's a very
special craft."

raise your voice

at tonight's concert, expect to hear the crowd sing every word.

"a lot of our fans love to come to our shows and just sing at the top
of their lungs," saliers said. "it's a good mix of very heavy material
and then just light-hearted, fun material."

"we play a different set list every night, but with some
similarities," ray said. there are some must-play songs. " 'closer to
fine' and 'galileo' have become great sing-alongs."

ray said their love song "power of two" is one many fans claim as
"their song."

"when we sing it in the show, you look out into the audience and you
see a gay couple and a straight couple dancing next to each other like
it's their song. it's beautiful to me that it can be claimed in the
name of love."

some indigo girls fans have been with the group from the beginning in
the mid-1980s. ray said they can drive the mood of a show.

"i can tell when we have those really strong friends in the audience,"
she said. "they're intent and listening and they have this way of
infecting everyone else with the same pleasure."

all that they let in

as vocal an activist as ray is, she still makes time for fun.

"i ride motorcycles, go hiking. i'm really into movies, books, arts. i
have a very full life. there's not much i'm not enthusiastic about,"
ray said.

"but it's hard to see anything and not see it through a political lens
in my life. when i'm on a ride on my motorcycle for fun, i'll pass by
the landfill and it makes me think."

the activist in her never sleeps.

contact robin swartz at 377-1018 or

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