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date: wed, 6 oct 2004 11:22:59 +1000
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] new children's compilation

hey folks,

a new compilation of children's songs has just been released by sony -
it's called "mary had a little amp".

here's the lineup:
blue man group featuring dave matthews - "sing along"
bonnie raitt - "baby mine"
dixie chicks - "rainbow connection"
graham nash - a rare version of "teach your children"
indigo girls - "wild wild party in the loquat tree"
jack johnson - "3 rs song"
joe henry - "when you wish upon a star"
lou reed and laurie anderson - "gentle breeze"
madonna - "little star"
maroon 5 - "pure imagination"
moby - "anchovie"
nancy and ann wilson with brian wilson's band - "lifeline"
r.e.m. - "we walk"
rosanne cash - "how to be strong"

i presume this is the same version of "loquat tree" as is on "put on
your green shoes", but i don't know for sure...

for more information, visit

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sherlyn koo | | sydney, australia

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