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  [ig-news] ig at the pier, seattle, wa   friday, july 23, 2004  [egroff@dri]


date: sat 24-jul-2004 1:20pm
subject: [ig-news] ig at the pier, seattle, wa   friday, july 23, 2004

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the pier, seattle, wa   friday, july 23, 2004

opener: kim richey
acoustic performance, amy and emily (no band)

setlist (as played):

fill it up again
perfect world
power of two
least complicated
heartache for everyone
come on home
wood song
collecting you
let me go easy
all that we let in
shame on you
get out the map
virginia woolf
dairy queen
closer to fine with kim richey and audience member ann who won the raffle
to sing ctf

- --encore--

driver education

the weather was unusually warm for seattle-- the high on friday was 96
degrees (summer temps are usually in the 70's). it was a beautiful evening
and emily commented that it must be a pleasure to live in this city. amy
added that it rains in georgia, noting that they recently had three weeks
of rain there. someone in the audience said that wasn't much compared to
eight months of rain in seattle. amy acknowledged that it doesn't rain when
they come to seattle and went on to say that they were just engaging in
"idle conversation, trying to connect in another way besides music". an
audience member shouted out "it's working!" that made amy laugh.

emily was wearing an anti-bush t-shirt. someone in the audience asked to
see it so emily held her guitar away for all to see and said "that's
exactly how i've felt every day since bush has been in office". i was at a
bad angle so someone else will have to describe the shirt.

amy broke a string on the first chord of go. she remarked that she takes a
razor blade to the strings just before the show so they will break easily
(joking). emily commented that amy has never, in all their years together,
broken a string on the first note. sully was on stage with a replacement
guitar within seconds.

they played ozilline last night and what i love about hearing this song
live is how they get the audience rocking to the fast parts but then bring
everyone to silence and stillness-- almost a reverence at the end of the
song. it was like a prayer. so very beautiful.

some folks had gifts for emily and amy announced that emily had celebrated
a birthday the day before. emily used her fingers to indicate to the
audience that she was 41 years old (four fingers on the right hand, one
finger on the left) and said she felt great.

between go and collecting you, amy mentioned something about "feeling a
good spirit". i think she was referring to the feeling of the music, the
people, the place. it was magical.

as usual, someone in the audience shouted out a request for galileo. amy
said "you don't need to waste your requests on galileo -- we will *always*
play galileo... (looks at emily then continues)... for at least three more
years or so.

there was a raffle-- winner got to sing ctf with the girls and 2 runners up
get free t-shirts. the raffle benefited a seattle organization, home alive,
which is an anti-violence project (they raised $1500 last night). the
winner was named ann. ann joined them on stage to sing ctf and after she
sang a few bars emily exclaimed to the audience, "she can sing!" and that
was no lie-- the audience applauded each time ann joined in on the chorus.
kim richey also sang but i don't think she knew the words. when amy came
out for the next song (first song of encore) she commented "that was fun"
referring to ctf. ann, if you are reading, you were awesome!

okay, i'm done for now-- someone tell us what emily's shirt said.


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