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date: mon 14-jun-2004 10:12pm
subject: [ig-news] northampton, ma

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo girls
mailing list at]

first and foremost, the northampton show rocked!  the
girls were in top form.  this was my 16th ig show, and
one of the best.  the band was there, and everything
was very, very loud.  they played
chickenman/bitterroot, which i hadn't heard in a
while.  emily's solo was amazing, of course, and the
band joined them halfway through the bitterroot part,
which was really cool.  and omg they sang american
tune!  once i hear mona lisas i can die happy...

here's the setlist, in order (i got my third setlist
and like my gazillionth pick)

get out the map
heartache for everyone
power of two
become you
fill it up again
shame on you
moment of forgiveness
come on home
closer to fine
dairy queen
ghost (was supposed to be free in you)
least complicated
perfect world
all that we let in

american tune

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