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date: tue 8-jun-2004 10:57pm
subject: [ig-news] icg--really!

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo girls
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saw the following in my late night tv line ups email.  don't think i've
seen a peep of this news in between the book recommendations and bible
discussion.  note the thursday line up.

late night with conan o'brien, nbc
mo 6/7: bob costas, brian posehn, toby lightman (r)
tu 6/8: jay mohr, richard schiff, simple kid
we 6/9: steve coogan, mama gena
th 6/10: jennifer love hewitt, steve irwin, indigo girls
fr 6/11: matthew broderick, jeremy suarez, demetri martin

also wondering if there are any other details about the carson daly new
york performance/concert slated for tomorrow in ny.  the carson daly
listings show repeats all week so is there any info on when their
performance will air?  i'm a sucker for ig on mainstream tv as i still
feel they have yet to be discovered even after recording for 20+ years.
  set those vcr's!  conan is on in most us markets right after jay leno.

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