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date: tue 20-apr-2004 11:28pm
subject: [ig-news] some of the girlfriends article

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo girls
mailing list at]

hi all,

i haven't seen this posted yet - so here is as much of the girlfriends
article as is included on their web site.  is anyone willing to type out
the rest?

   the indigos close-up
   amy ray and emily sailers of the indigo girls on dubya, real love, and
   the new cd that's keeping fans up all night

   interview by lauren dockett
   photography by frank w. ockenfels iii

   [cover_page_pic.jpg] it was the mid-eighties when the indigo girls
   first arrived on the folk rock scene. the georgia-based
   singer-songwriters immediately raised the bar with their smart lyrics
   and grassroots political ethos--and curiosity, too, with their
   gender-neutral lyrics. in the intervening twenty years, and especially
   after they came out in the early nineties, the prolific duo have
   provided the soundtrack for many an awakening. their signature message
   of patience and hope--alongside the outrage--is all over their latest
   release, a strong new studio album called all that we let in.

   the record is their swan song with sony/epic, and brims with the
   lyrical sophistication that has kept the smart hooks from their hits
   alive in our heads all these years. there is new energy here, touches
   of ska and rock anthem rhythms, a branching out that portends good
   things to come from the pair whose near future holds solo projects for
   each and a move to indie labels for the indigo girls. amy ray and
   emily saliers talked to girlfriends on the eve of their new tour from
   their home base in georgia.

   girlfriends: this new record kept me up dancing in my pajamas. it
   makes twenty years of recording together.

   emily saliers: it's been more than twenty years, actually. we've been
   playing professionally together for twenty-four, and have known each
   other since we were kids. we started playing together in high school.
   there's always been something special about it. part of it is that amy
   can be so different from me musically, and our voices are on different
   parts of the spectrum, so they sound good together. and yes,
   politically, we feel basically the same way about things and have had
   the same grassroots education. so it's a real marriage of music and
   issues for us.

   amy ray: activism is just a part of who we are, and we've been
   involved in the native [american] environmental movement since 1991.
   we also stay fueled by the other artists around us. we've done some
   great collaborations. girlfriends: speaking of collaborations, joan
   osbourne is on two of the tracks.

   saliers: joan was touring with the dead when she stopped by to record
   with us. we were lucky to have her. she has really good pitch, is so
   soulful, and she weaves my and amy's voices together in this wonderful
   way. we recorded with her on come on, social and she's our only guest
   artist on this album.

   ray: we always manage to have guests, but it's never something we know
   ahead of time. we do always have friends of ours opening for us,
   though. cordero is this great latin band that will start off this
   tour. they played with us on our last tour and got everyone up
   dancing. i swear, as soon as there was a latin song, it was as if our
   audiences, especially the college ones, had suddenly learned to dance.
   not like us, learning to bang around in moshpits.

   girlfriends: emily, you tackle relationships, the war in iraq, even
   death on this album. could you have written about these issues in the
   same way at the start of your career?

   saliers: i feel wiser from all the travels ... i'm coming to more of a
   sense of peace and am in less of a state of constant agitation. not
   that the political agitation isn't still there, but i now have a
   better sense of how to direct it. no, i definitely couldn't have
   written these songs fifteen years ago.

   girlfriends: the title track, "all that we let in," takes on heavy
   topics and still manages to have that balanced, spiritual feel to it.

   saliers: that song is a real mix for me. i did it in ballad form
   because i find what's happening now so tragic and disturbing. i am so
   agitated by the bush administration and the war on terrorism. along
   with that i want to remember the beauty and minutiae of life. be
   grateful for the person knitting the sweater for her loved one.

   girlfriends: amy, you wrote the album's single, "a perfect world,"
   which talks in part about having a life and still being an activist.
   you live in a tiny mountain town in georgia. do you feel political
   just walking out your door in the morning?

   ray: some of my inspiration for a couple of these songs stems from
   imagined and sometimes real conversations i've had with my neighbors.
   conversations about pacifism versus military might and aggression.
   when is it appropriate and when not? i'd like to be a pacifist but i
   don't know if i would be were i living in some of the african
   countries right now, or if i belonged to an indigenous tribe in south
   america. my pacifism is a privilege i've been afforded here and have

   when you're in a place like this it's still about trying to fit in. i
   have the protection of fame around me but other people i know are
   working on blending in rather than trying to be radical. and there are
   a lot more of us living in places like this than in [cities such as]
   san francisco.

   still, people need to understand what's going on, even if they're
   close-minded. i wrote my representative recently about not supporting
   family leave and he wrote me back this letter where he ranted about
   homosexuality and people like me and it hurt my feelings! when you're
   not used to that kind of treatment you can see it on the news and
   intellectualize it but it's different when it happens to you. i was so
   mad i wrote him right back and told him how my parents were both
   republicans and he better wake up before he becomes obsolete!

   girlfriends: in the song "cordova," you talk about the discomfort of
   being a white girl fighting for a non-white cause. have you reconciled

   ray: when emily and i were first involved in the native [american]
   environmental movement we had to tread lightly. in the beginning, i
   did feel really white and bad about that. and being a white
   southerner, i also felt bad about my history. but i had to get over
   that and eventually began to feel good about the good traditions that
   are also a part of me. that's when the energy around me changed.

   girlfriends: you must have seen changes in the way your sexuality is
   viewed over the years since you came out.

   saliers: at times [being out] may have held us back. we've been
   pigeonholed as a radically political lesbian band. but i like that,
   honestly. [in reality, we] do cross over and have a large audience
   from different backgrounds. that's why our shows are so great, to see
   these people come together for the music. and sure, we've seen more
   gay and lesbian acceptance in general over the last twenty years. but
   it's still depressing to pick up the paper and read about people
   spending a billion dollars to protect heterosexual marriage, spending
   so much energy on the gay episcopal priest and ordination issues. the
   backlash depresses me. i'm happy for the evolution, but we could use a
   lot more.

   girlfriends: you could make a guest appearance on the l word...

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date: tue 20-apr-2004 11:35am
subject: [ig-news] re: third leg of tour support

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo girls
mailing list at]

according to high road touring, for most of the third leg, it's cordero.
roman candle is opening a few shows in the midwest area.


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