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  [ig-news] west palm beach -- night two  ["lisalisaa" <lisalisaa@earthlink.]


date: sun, 4 apr 2004 01:14:09 -0500
from: "lisalisaa" <>
subject: [ig-news] west palm beach -- night two

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another excellent show, tho not anywhere near the joyous free-for-all as
last nite. really. that was one of those shows where you stepped back for a
second midway thru and just said "damn, something special happening right
here, right now."

after the second song tonite amy greeted the crowd and said "you know, we
were here last night and had an incredible time."

much cheering.

amy: "were you here last nite."

lots of hooting.

emily: "well, we tried to change up the set list...(looking down at the list
taped to the floor.) well not that much really...hmmm."

amy: "of course, we didn't play our set list last night. things kinda veered was chaos, really."

emily: "but in a good way.'"

anyway lots more amusing banter but my favorite was emily saying fuck after
screwing up the opening lyrics to leaving for the second time.

first she couldnt remember what came after traffic "what's that word," she
says to herself, one hand to her chin, looking skyward. then she sings
"traffic lights" instead of "lines."

amy giggled. emily laughed and then said "fuck, hold on a minute." she thot
for a second and shook her head and then  started over again. very cute.

anyway, here's the setlist:

hammer and a nail
become you
fill it up again
perfect world
power of two
reunion (really cool new harmonies worked out in this one. caused the crowd
to give them a standing o in the middle of the song.)
get out the map
heartache for everyone
come on home
kid fears
closer to fine
shame on you
cold beer and remote control
all the we let in
johnny rottentale
virgina wolf
jonas and ezekial

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