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cute picture.

nobody wanted to wait 2 1/2 years to restage "shed your skin," the
acclaimed collaboration between the indigo girls and the atlanta
ballet. not the fans, not the indigos, not the ballet company.

but that's how long it's taken to reassemble the show, which had one
memorable run in october 2001.

"everyone wanted to do it again, but it was just trying to schedule
our dancers and the fox theatre and the indigo girls' schedule, find
a window where we could make everything come together," said atlanta
ballet spokeswoman tricia ekholm.

in "shed your skin," the indigos  local singer-songwriters amy ray
and emily saliers  perform seven of their songs, none of them big
hits  "shed your skin," "least complicated," "touch me fall,"
"caramia," "scooter boys," "ghost" and "everything in its own time" 
with choreography by margo sappington. the indigos perform on a
platform with their amps and equipment, whi  le the dancers are on
the fox stage. in general, the dances evoke the mood and feel of the
songs rather than trying to interpret the lyrics literally.

when "shed your skin" debuted in 2001, atlanta journal-constitution
critic julia bookman called it "gutsy, abstract rock ballet."

"unbridled energy burns," she wrote. "abandon rules. soul-searching
and creative self-expression run rampant."

two dances will open the show  george balanchine's "allegro
brilliante," set to tchaikovsky's concerto no. 3, and david parson's

 the 411: $20-$66. 7:30 p.m. tonight; 8 p.m. friday; 2 and 8 p.m.
saturday; 2 and 7 p.m. sunday. fox theatre, 660 peachtree st. n.e.,
midtown. 404-249-6400, or


i've passed the cemetery, walk my dog down there
i read the names on the stone and i say a silent prayer
when i get home youre cooking supper on the stove
and the greatest gift of life is to know love. ~ es, all that we let
in (2004)

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