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  [ig-news] re: indigo girls on etown last year  []
  [ig-news] fw: ig added to merlefest (replacing lucinda who'll be in oz)  []
  [ig-news] all that we let in - my thoughts       []


date: thu 12-feb-2004 10:03am
subject: [ig-news] re: indigo girls on etown last year

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo girls
mailing list at]

you can download the full show on the etown website

mike r.

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date: fri, 13 feb 2004 08:25:50 +1100
from: sherlyn koo <>
subject: [ig-news] fw: ig added to merlefest (replacing lucinda who'll be in oz)

hey kids,

just got this in the mail (thank you!)...

- -sherlyn

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date: thu 12-feb-2004 1:54pm
subject: ig added to merlefest (replacing lucinda who'll be in oz)

just received this from art menius at merlefest...

news for immediate release (kill date 5/2/2004)

merlefest 2004 adds indigo girls
lucinda williams headed to australia

wilkesboro, nc: merlefest organizers have announced that superstars indigo girls and noted north carolina rock band roman candle have joined the line-up for merlefest 2004, the 17th annual festival in celebration of the music of the late merle watson and his father doc watson, on its campus in wilkesboro, nc on april 29 may 2, 2004. lucinda williams has been released from her contract to perform at merlefest 2004 so that she can pursue a long awaited tour of australia in april.

best known for their smash hit bcloser to fine,b indigo girls amy ray and emily saliers have played thousands of shows over two decades together and released eight studio albums. they've operated within the music industry, without ever being a product of that industry, gaining the respect of their peers, not to mention an extremely loyal fanbase. the indigo girls, appearing at merlefest on thursday, april 29, will treat their fans to a new album with the february 17, 2004 release of all that we let in, featuring six songs written by emily and five by amy. rolling stone called roman candle, a chapel hill band with wilkes county roots, bexplosive new country darlings,b while cmj compared them to both cheap trick and ryan adams. they combine power-pop with singer-songwriter lyrics. roman candle, slated to perform on saturday, may 1, anticipates the hollywood records release of say pop in march.

those joining doc watson and merlebs son richard watson for merlefest 2004 will include the sam bush band, rosanne cash, john cowan band, the derailers, donna the buffalo, dry branch fire squad, bc)la fleck & edgar meyer, vince gill, the gourds, david grisman quintet, hot tuna, indigo girls, jeannie kendall, the kruger brothers, patty loveless, natalie macmaster, nickel creek, tim obbrien, mark obconnorbs hot swing trio, old crow medicine show, reeltime travelers, tony rice unit, savoy doucet cajun band, earl scruggs with family & friends, the waifs, gillian welch, and kelly willis & bruce robison.

those with internet access may acquire their tickets easily by visiting [ ] and, if purchasing assigned seats at the watson stage, actually pick their seat location on line. early bird ticket discounts are available until march 18. those without internet access may purchase tickets by calling 1-800-343-7857 (us only) or 336-838-6267 (non-us) from 10 am through 4 pm, est, weekdays. tickets may also be ordered by fax (336-838-6263) and mail (merlefest; p.o. box 120; wilkesboro, nc 28697). those interested in volunteering for merlefest should call 336-838-6292. vendor info: 336-838-*6291. sponsorship inquiries: 919-542-3997.

merlefest 2004 has also confirmed appearances by r.g. absher & extra measure, acappella fellas, alberti flea circus, darol anger, lloyd arneach, the avett brothers, etta baker, russ barenberg, barenburg, douglas & meyer, bering straight, big country bluegrass, roy book binder, laura boosinger & timmy abell, the alison brown quartet, t. michael coleman, the deer clan singers, dixie dawn, the jerry douglas band, the gospel jubilators, mark graham, mitch greenhill, ernie hawkins, violet hensley, bob hill, clint, clarence, & garet howard, billy jonas, carol elizabeth jones & laurel bliss, catfish keith, spider john koerner, kim & jim lansford, jim lauderdale, jack lawrence, the lazybirds, brad leftwich, brack llewellyn, the local boys, mike marshall, bill mathis, andy may, bruce molsky, nashville bluegrass band, charles pettee & folkpsalm, pine mountain railroad, ann rabson, reckless kelly, jerry ricks, roman candle, peter rowan & crucial reggae, shana banana, bob sinclair, mind!
y smith, joe smothers, southern accent, tut taylor, joe thompson, tom, brad & alice, two high string band, charles welch, pete & joan wernick, wise child, adrienne young & little sadie, and zoe speaks. all bookings are subject to change without notice due to circumstances beyond our control.

merlefest has continued to evolve, grow, and improve since 1988, becoming one of the most important annual events in the southeast. in so doing merlefest has defined and led the way for the emerging field called americana music. merlefest offers a generation and genre crossing mix of traditional and contemporary roots music, bringing together the very best of bluegrass, contemporary acoustic, celtic, blues, folk, old-time, cajun, jazz, and singer-songwriter musics, along with traditional dance and crafts.

major merlefest 2004 sponsors include charter communications, tyson foods, gibson usa, lowebs home improvement warehouses, curtis media, pepsi, burger king, hardees/dermox, ibluegrass & the acoustic network, g&b energy/c&j lp gas, jbl, redgum audio, j dbaddario, fishman transducers, sugar hill records, ac phelps mandolin & guitar co., wncw public radio, john pearse strings, the musik room, stelling banjo works, taylor guitars, collings guitars, huss & dalton musical instruments, western beat entertainment, fender musical instruments, sprint, cedar creek custom case shoppe, wunc public radio, and homespun tapes.

february 12, 2004
merlefest information: 800-343-7857 or [ ]
for more media information: print: traci thomas, grassroots media (; 615-473-6687);
non-print: art menius (; 919-542-3997, fax: 240-250-7229).
media credentials for merlefest 2004 should be requested no later than march 20, 2004.

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art menius
partnership and national marketing coordinator, merlefest
2069 andrews store rd
pittsboro, nc 27312
fax: 240-250-7229
[ ]
[ ]

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date: thu 12-feb-2004 12:10pm
subject: [ig-news] all that we let in - my thoughts

[sherlyn's note: this message was originally sent to the indigo girls
mailing list at  just to whet your appetite (i'll probably
only forward media reviews after this).  only a few days to go!]

i've been lucky enough to spend the past few hours listening to the all
we let in album on repeat on my day off.  (a very kind friend has lent
me an advance copy).  thank you, thank you.  :-)  let me precede my
little review by saying that i've purposely stayed away from getting to
know the acoustic, early versions of these songs, so they're totally
fresh to me.

and my first impressions are this is a good, punchy, upbeat, up-tempo
album.  i've just heard emily sing "summer's coming" from the song rise
up and that's a nice thing to be reminded of as i'm staring at the cold
and dark february clouds outside.

this certainly isn't an acoustic album, but it has a much better live,
open feel and sound than cons did, which i found too overproduced.
cordova, for example, sounds like we're in the studio with
hear her intake of breath and every nuance of the vocal.  very intimate.
and despite the simple organ, piano, bass arrangement, it really works.
there's an interesting pipe/wind instrument solo played on this song,
presumably by amy.  i look forward to reading the liner notes to find
out who plays what on this album.

i really hated tether when i listened to the download online, but it
really rocks through a proper stereo system.  i remember reading in the
biography that amy lends her hands to some lead guitars in this album.
i've been having fun trying to work out which parts are amy and which
parts are emily.  with that in mind, i can imagine this song to be
pretty amazing live in concert with a full band...duelling lead!!  :-)  what sounds like the drumsticks being dropped or
thrown to the floor adds to the fun, live feel of the song too.

something's real keeps reminding me of heart - parts of the melody and
the oohs having some kind of echo/reverb effect.  but it's a good song
with some nice acoustic guitar fills.

heartache for everyone completely took me aback when i first heard
it...didn't expect to hear a ska sound on an ig album!  but once you get
over the shock, it is a fun song and i can foresee a lot of dancing and
singing along with the "oh, ah oh, ah oh" in concerts.

all that we let in is a standout song for me at the moment.  it's just
classic emily.  it's the equivalent of what deconstruction felt like in
by. hehe, even with similar usage of nature and animal imagery.  this
time it's birds, trees and wind.  in deconstruction, it was foxes and
fate in the breeze, etc, etc.

i really like dairy queen too, but don't have much to say.  i seem to
recall a fellow listee calling this song starkville 2 and i pretty much
agree with that.  it's a sad breakup song though, full of regret it
seems.  very good though.

fill it up again is a good start to the album.  it's very catchy and
lots of good harmonies to let us know that this is an ig album.  i find
free in you and perfect world a little insipid at the moment and then
album picks up after that again.

all in all, i think this album has a lot of potential - some instantly
accessible songs and others that will grow over repeated listenings.  i
sure know that this album will be in my stereo for weeks and months to


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end of ig-news-digest v7 #17

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