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date: tue 11-nov-2003 10:59am
subject: [ig-news] vancouver 06/11/03

[sherlyn's note: this is an excerpt of a message which was originally
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just a quick report on the concert at the commodore ballroom! it's still
a great venue even though the bubble-walls (yes, bubbles) are gone and i
don't think the floor bounces anymore. ah well!
the opening act was 1/3 of the paperboys, i think it was steve and tom.
they were good, but i was sulking a wee tiny bit about still not getting
to see michelle malone. does she hate canada? does she hate going
through customs? just wondering! ;)
i think amy and emily finally came on a little after 10. they looked
comfortable. :) [...]

they played four new songs and they were all excellent. i'm really
looking forward to the new cd. they mentioned that it should be out in
february. hooray!

i hung around at the end to see if i could snag a setlist. some people
were speedy and got the ones taped to the floor, but i guess sulli had a
few copies backstage so she tossed them off the stage. yay!

1. become you - this is fun way to start the show :)
2. get out the map - fun
3. jonas and ezekiel
4. power of two
5. perfect world (new amy song with emily on the banjo)
6. free in you (new emily song)
7. yield
8. watershed
9. go
10. deconstruction
11. johnny rottentale (amy said she forgot a verse and said that must be
why she wasn't out of breathe by the end of it)
12. closer to fine
13. kid fears
14. virginia woolf
15. heartache (new amy song)
16. woodsong (fill it up again is scratched out)
17. all that we let in (beautiful new emily song)
18. shame on you (not on the setlist. bonus!)
19. chickenman with bitterroot (i finally hear it live!)


partway through the concert, some women in front of me requested least
complicated and then as an afterthought, mystery. i'm always hesitant to
yell out requests, but mystery is my favourite song and i've never heard
them sing it love, so i bucked up and hollered it out. so there we were
at the encores and amy said there had been a request for this song and
gestured at our part of the crowd. hooray! i'm so glad those women
yelled, even though it may have overbalanced their request for least
complicated. i figure they were wanting a quieter song to go with the
big rowdy-fest of galileo. wonderful.
*big happy sigh*
amy and emily rock.


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